Everyone thinks about their retirement even while they have a job. The reality of not being an earning and contributing member can be frightful, but it happens to everyone eventually. Planning is the only option to secure a relaxed and enjoyable retirement. As the demographic ages, more aged care homes are popping up all over Australia. Around 1.5 million Australians live in aged care homes. But in Sydney, there is a more versatile and attractive option – Retirement Villages in Sydney

A retirement village is vastly different from an aged care home. The village is more like a resort and has all basic (and extra) amenities. They offer several features that aged care homes don’t, making them the ideal choice for retirement.


A retirement village is essentially a resort, and they treat their residents similarly. They offer several perks and facilities for the residents to use. Additionally, they also give aged residents a sense of independence. They also offer assisted living for older residents; the perfect haven for retirees.

Retirement villages offer several features, enticing enough for anyone to enrol,

Individual Housing Units

Every couple or individual gets their own house, removed from others. These units are spread across the property, some even offering a majestic view. Each unit comes fully furnished, the resident won’t lack for anything.


Shopaholics never retire, and these villages meet their every demand. Retirement villages have a flourishing market selling everything from basic amenities to trinkets and curios. 

Cafes and Restaurants

The cafes and restaurants within the retirement village turn it into a true resort and vacation experience. Residents are spoilt for choice with the different restaurants, dishes and cuisine available on the premises.

Cinema Theatres

This village mimics a gated community and offers as many ordinary experiences as possible. Cinema theatres in the village play the latest releases, and the residents can also request their favourite classics.

Beauty Salon

Residents in this village are not cut out completely from the outside world. Fashionistas can still follow the latest trends and looks. Salons within the village have experienced and skilled stylists, who can pull off any look.

Game and Craft Room

Any resort would be incomplete without a game room. The retirement villages in Sydney have a fantastic game room, fully stocked with all kinds of games. Residents interested in handicrafts like basket weaving, DIY fashion, knitting, etc. can also find their community in the crafts room; 

Wellness Center

The retirement village solely houses retirees, and it is expected they may have a few health issues. A medicare or wellness centre in these villages have physicians and nurses on stand-by, to provide immediate medical care if necessary.


The word ‘spa’ and ‘resort’ are almost synonymous, as people usually book resorts for their spa experience. Retirement villages also have their spa, with expert therapists and masseurs. They have the requisite training to take care of retirees and tend to their stress.


The pool in a retirement village is also the venue for several other activities. Residents can gather there to sunbathe or participate in pool-centred events. Additionally, some villages also offer pool aerobics for retirees to stay in shape.

Expert and Friendly Staff

The staff in these villages have vast experience and knowledge in several aged-care related fields. They are capable of fulfilling residents’ needs and constantly maintain a good temperament. They can also run errands and assist when necessary.

Almost 77% of Australia’s retirees usually get home care or settle in retirement villages. Retirement villages in Sydney offer a one of a kind experience, which will truly turn retirement into a lifelong vacation.


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