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Malwarebytes: Is it Worth Your Money?

Malwarebytes: Is it Worth Your Money?
Malwarebytes Is it Worth Your Money

If you want to use the effective Malwarebytes cleanup for commercial purposes, you will have to purchase the paid version. It includes real-time protection, which makes the program a complete antivirus solution. Here is the review of the things that Malwarebytes free vs premium are good for. Malwarebytes Premium has an attractive new user interface and major improvements in terms of user experience. The free and paid versions have similar manus and controls. The distinction is that the premium features are inactive in the free version. Another difference is the support of several devices in the paid plan. Thus, now we will investigate what you get with the paid plan.

Malware Cleaning

Malwarebytes Premium has the same features as the free version for cleaning existing infections. It is a small company, the main product of the vendor is free, and therefore it spends the limited budget rationally, which explains the little number of independent tests run with it.

According to preliminary tests, Malwarebytes scored 100 percent in the first part of the test and repeated this result in the second part. In both cases, the program manages to block all threats and delete all their traces. The program successfully removes even persistent malware, and Chameleon technology changes the names of program files to counter malware that blocks the installation of known anti-virus solutions, which leaves the malware no chance of penetrating your computer.

Online Protection

Web protection is only available in the paid version. This component blocks the computer’s access to the sites that are detected as malicious. This company claims that web protection is designed to complement the existing defense mechanisms of the browser and the leading antivirus on the user’s computer. According to the antiviruses positioning,  it focuses on blocking domains and entire network blocks by IP address, rather than blocking individual links. This method of advanced blocking allows preventing visits to unknown malicious sites in some cases.

Testing this feature required a set of malicious sites compiled by the MRG-Effitas laboratory. In this test, it is fixed when it was the antivirus that opened the alarm when opening the suspicious URL, during the download process, or immediately after the download is completed. Most links are no more than a few hours old. However, some of them are inactive. Testing continues until about 100 test cases with working links are registered.

Malwarebytes does not scan downloaded files. The program waits until the user opens or runs them. The antivirus blocked only 14 percent of the network threats. This is one of the lowest results in this test among similar antiviruses. When you run a scan of the download folder, Malwarebytes removes another 20 percent of the threats. If the program automatically scans files at boot, the overall result is 34 percent, which is the average result for an antivirus. However, the detection and alarm performance proves to be more precise in the paid plan for Malwarebytes.

Modest Blocking Performance

The tests of the blocking performance in the paid and free versions also have different results. The free version of the program detects and eliminates 69 percent of the sample threats. Meanwhile, the paid plan can block 80 percent of malware and more. However, it is essential to mention that a regular user commonly does not come across the specific files that constitute the higher percentage, while those in the free one are just ones that threaten the most.

In some cases, Malwarebytes prevents attempts to visit malicious sites and partially blocks the installation of threatening samples. Nevertheless, several detected malware files could install executable files in the system, and some samples were skipped altogether. The product scores 8.1 points out of 10 possible; this is one of the lowest results among antiviruses tested with this set of threats. If you use this product, it is best to run a full scan every time the real-time protection detects a malicious program.

Final Thoughts

Compared to the paid plan, the free version of Malwarebytes performs at quite a mediocre level. However, it is sufficient for people who only need their computer for basic personal use and do not surf diverse sites. As we think that the best way to find out whether it will suit is testing, try the free version before paying for the rest. Nonetheless, it is important to mention that the paid version does not seem to be worth purchasing only for personal use and is best for those who use their device for business. So, it is best to buy it for business, but not for home.


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