New features in FIFA 19


There are a lot of new features in FIFA 19 that was not present in the previous edition of the FIFA series. Every year EA sports release a new game in the FIFA series with many new features.

These changes are made so that the audience of the game doesn’t get bored. Recently EA Sports has released its latest game, FIFA 19 that has many unique features. You will surely love all the features once you play the game.



FIFA 19 has brought many new leagues that are fun to play. There are many leagues like SAF, HYUNDAI A-LEAGUE, Ö. BUNDESLIGA, PRO LEAGUE, LIGA DO BRASIL, and CAMP. SCOTIABANK, SUPERLIGA, PREMIER LEAGUE, and the most famous UEFA Champions League.

All the leagues contain the same players and teams that are included in real-life football. FIFA 19 provides you the option to play a tournament mode where you can compete with teams of different leagues and show them your gaming skills.

Active Touch System and Timed Finishing

Active Touch System is a new launch feature in FIFA 19 game. It completely changes the player’s attitude towards the ball.

The player reacts differently towards the ball. It provides more creative and extra control of the ball. You will see a much improved first touch, and it offers different ways to dodge the opponent players.


The new Time Finishing features allows you to score some extra goals. If you master these features, you are surely going to win most of the matches. It helps you to control and strike the ball more accurately.

You can use the Timed Finishing feature by tapping the shoot button twice. The second tap will guide you about the connect of your shot. It can help you to score a goal with a header or long shots.

New Items

There are many new items in the latest FIFA game. You will see a lot of new players, kits, leagues, and mode in FIFA 19.

All the stuff in the game is easily accessible, but there are some players that can be difficult to attain.   You can get those players by opening lucky packs.

However, if you want to improve your chances of winning some top-rated player, then you can use to open the lucky pack which will enhance the possibility of getting some good players.

 You can also buy coins at a very cheap rate through that website and use those coins to purchase different players.

Commentary team

FIFA 19 comes out with many new names in the commentary panel. The Rutopa league and Champions League has a brand-new commentary panel that adds more fun to the game.

Commentary team
Commentary team

There are some ESPN commentators as well as the BT Sports commentators.  The new Commentary team unites a fresher feel to the game. You will surely enjoy the new commentary team in FIFA 19.


There are some new leagues and teams in FIFA 19 that were not covered in the previous edition of the FIFA series. FIFA 19 includes about 700 teams so that you have a vast option to choose from.

These 700 teams will surely contain your favorite team, so choose the team that you like the most and start showing your gaming skills.

Ultimate Team – Division Rivals

Fifa 19 Ultimate Team is one of the most famous modes. Although it is not a new feature in the game, however, it comes with much new stuff to look at. You can customize your favorite dream squad and start playing the game.

You can buy your favorite player from different coins, and you can purchase coins for all the famous platforms like PS4, Xbox, and PC from at reasonable rates.

A new match system known as Division Rivals has also been introducing in the FUT. In this system, the players are divided into ten divisions. The divisions are made on the skill level of a player, and the skill level is set after playing feel matches.

Every week, many players will compete with each other in a competition in the same division that will help you to win some rewards and prices. It enables players to trace their progress and try to improve their ranking in the game.

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