New Television Series You Should Be Excited About


The craze for television series is not new, but the pandemic has increased the interest to a different level. More than movies, we started to enjoy the drama a television series offers.

Going out for a movie night is a different thing, but completing the series at home is a task that we enjoy. If you like to watch television series like others and want to spend your free time watching some marvelous TV series, this article is for you.

Television series have offered us unorthodox directors and actors from all over the world to deliver the best of them. The popularity is so high that streaming platforms are trying to consider famous actors and directors in good television series.

New Television Series You Would Like To Watch

In this article, we will provide you with some information on the new and exciting television series. Get to decide which series you are going to watch first, and you can download them easily for free from Pirate Bay.

1. Under The Banner Of Heaven

If you have been on the hunt for a proper crime drama for a long time, this will be on your next watch list. Dustin Lance Black, yes, that oscar-winning screenwriter, is back with a crime thriller.

Our spiderman- Andrew Garfield, is also back as a prominent detective here. This series will lead you deep into a criminal investigation where plots gradually get exciting to you.

To investigate a murder situation in 1984 in Salt Lake Valley, Jeb Pyre (Andrew Garfield), the detective, will uncover several truths in LDS religion. You will also witness the violent consequences in the first season.

2. Stranger Things

If you are a television series lover, you definitely heard about the fantasy web series Stranger Things. It is very popular among the young generation and the processing of its story will take a new turn in its fourth season.

If you have not watched the gang of 11 yet, go for it, and experience four exciting series.

3. The Boys

Amazon Prime Video has a masterpiece for you with its new story- The Boys. season 3 of this series was released in June this year, and you can explore this one to witness the comic book series.

If you love superheroes, you will also want to know the dark secrets behind them, and the boy will let you understand that in an exciting way.

4. Ms. Marvel

Are you a fan of Marvel Studios? Find out your new superhero in their latest fictional action series Ms. Marvel.

Season one of this television series was released recently. Kamala Khan is a marvel star from its comic book who adored Captain Marvel and wants to save the world.

5. Westworld

Are you a Sci-Fi lover? Do you feel excited about new and innovative stories with Sci-fi added? Westworld is a series for you that will lead you to a different world.

In addition, this innovative series is futuristic, where they have created an amusement park with robots to build a community. But problems will arise with the malfunctioning of the robots.

Season four will release this month, and we can suggest you go through this amazing Sci-Fi.

6. The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power

If you fantasize about great powers in history, their rise, and ruins, keep an eye on this new upcoming series.

We all have witnessed “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” many years back. Amazon will let us dig into this situation again with the new series.

Get ready to journey thousands of years back and relive the epic drama of J.R.R. Tolkien again.

To Conclude

It is your time to choose between the “bests.” So many people have various choices of genres, and what about you? All the mentioned series above are brave enough to show you their best in the particular field.

Whether it is a thriller, crime drama, sci-fi, or a superhero, their series is going to blow your mind for sure. List them and watch them at your choice and feel the excitement that you missed for a long time.

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