Online Sports Betting vs. In-Person Betting – Differences and Benefits

Online Sports Betting vs. In-Person Betting - Differences and Benefits
Online Sports Betting vs. In-Person Betting - Differences and Benefits

Betting on sports has been taking place almost since sports were invented. But the scope of betting wasn’t nearly as big as it is today. Nowadays, you can find betting agencies at almost every corner in many countries. As for the online medium, it’s chock-full of betting websites with all sorts of welcome bonuses and other goodies.

We’re going to be pretty frank about it. Today, online sports betting is far superior to in-person betting. However, if you were to pose the same question a few years ago, us and most other folks would’ve stated the exact opposite.

While even today you can still find tons of people who prefer in-person betting for many reasons, let’s talk about all the advantages that online betting has. Once you get the full picture, you might be pleasantly surprised of how many pros it has.

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You can bet online from your phone, tablet, PC, or even from other smart devices. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is; you can simply access a website or an app and you’re good to go.

There’s no need to wait in a line, pay parking fees, get through traffic, or worry who you’re going to leave the kids with when you’re betting online. Sure, some sportsbooks might offer a great atmosphere where you can meet likeminded people, but for convenience’s sake, more and more people are opting for the online solution instead.


When you use a sports gambling software, all the data between you and the sportsbook stays completely secure.

If you don’t want friends, family, or colleagues to know about your gambling habits, you can rest assured that online betting is more private and secure than ever before.

Go to a brick and mortar sportsbook, and you’ll be recorded by cameras or get seen by acquaintances along the way. On the other hand, you don’t even have to upload a picture of yourself when betting online.

As for other factors, the connection is secured with strong SSL certificates and other encryption methods. Furthermore, when it comes to payments, you have so many options that it’s ridiculous. Some online sportsbooks offer over 400 different payment methods, including cryptocurrencies and seamless conversions from one currency to another. Basically, your electronic footprint gets reduced dramatically.

Online Sports Betting vs. In-Person Betting - Differences and Benefits
Online Sports Betting vs. In-Person Betting – Differences and Benefits

Always place a bet on time

Let’s say you want to bet on a certain result right when a match is taking place because you saw a certain opportunity arise.

If you’re in a brick and mortar sportsbook, chances are that other people will get the same idea and you’ll find yourself waiting in line.

While you’re waiting in line haphazardly, time can pass so fast that you might miss the chance of betting on the exact thing you wanted. This can cause a lot of frustration and make you lose a potentially fat win.

More promotions

How often have you seen a “get free credits on your first deposit” promotion online? That’s right, it’s available on virtually any virtual sportsbook that you can find.

On the other hand, when betting at a physical sportsbook, most of the promotions you’ll find will be a few free drinks (and not even ones that are normally expensive). What would you rather have? Potentially larger winnings or a free drink? Most people will certainly prefer the former.

Final thoughts

From this article, it might seem like we’re biased. However, we really stood and thought through about it and couldn’t find any major advantage that a regular sportsbook would have against an online one.

With that said, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading this piece and we wish you good luck in your next betting ventures!


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