Online Word Games to Exercise the Mind


    Online games are truly entertaining. Once you find games that you love and enjoy, you’ll surely play them again and again. Playing online games is a great way to take a break from work or household chores. Good thing that nowadays, there are websites featuring a huge selection of fun games that you can easily access, like It offers not just the classic card games but it also features a lot of interesting games to serve as your past time.

    Here are some of the word games you can easily play via your browser.

    Letter Scramble – Word Games

    Letter Scramble video game is a fun way of sharpening your recall of words and its correct spelling. By playing this quick online game, you would be challenged visually and even you’re typing and cognitive skills will be enhanced.

    At the start of the game, you will see a blank playing field where letters are coming in a scrambled manner.  Below the screen is a space with letter tiles wherein you can type in letters to form a valid English word. To submit your word, you just have to click enter when done. There are several ways to navigate the game. To drag the letters, you can either use the keyboard or the mouse, sounds cool right?

    You will find the game really challenging as the level progresses. The game features 3 levels that will require you to form 20, 30 and 40 words respectively. You have to form at least a 3-letter word to qualify.

    Word Search Online – Word Games

    This is a classic yet an interesting word puzzle game. You can play in different grid variation such as 12×12, 14×14 or 16×16 depending on your choice. The bigger the grid, the more words you have to find inside. If you prefer the old school type of word search, you have the option to print.

    The upper left corner of the screen represents a list of words and there’s a screen with timer below it which stops once you find all the words. It’s amazing how the developer has smoothly created the easy to play word game interface with date, timer and words shown on the left side and playing field on the right. To highlight the word, just use the mouse and it will automatically cross out that word off the list.

    The casual online video games that can be found at are perfect for the whole family, even for the young ones. You can directly play every game from the browser. There is no need to download the games to be able to play them. No account is also required before playing and everything is absolutely free! The directions and controls are also easy to understand.

    This is not just a quick breather but a fun way to learn, too. Every game will surely ease your boredom. Word games will exercise the brain which is good in strengthening your memory and word recognition. Indeed, this is a good source of entertainment while at home and a great way to take your mind off work for a moment.


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