Otherworldly Space-Themed Board Games

    Otherworldly Space-Themed Board Games
    Otherworldly Space-Themed Board Games

    Everyone desires some time to unwind after a hectic week full of work or learning activities besides family obligations. For students, after countless nights doing assignments and consulting the homework help services, they can rest with computer games or board games for some mental rejuvenation. The same applies to adults as well after exhausting days at work.

    With technological advancements and the increasing popularity of otherworldly board games, an individual needs to find a game that can engage and entertain them.

    A lot of games exist in this niche however, some games push ahead of others based on their features and orientation. So are you keen to identify an interesting otherworldly space-themed board game? You can sit back and consider the following.

    Otherworldly Space-Themed Board Games

    Most of the top games in existence offer an escape route to individuals from their daily life’s troubles and hustles. Many can argue about the manner but nothing surpasses a real escape into the uncharted frontier that outer space presents. Such games can include intergalactic conquests, terraforming of the red globe, and picking alien factions who fight over territorial boundaries.

    Such games for nerds who love science fiction or space things include.

    • Indie Boards and Cards Terra forming Mars

    It is a sprawling and exciting board game that possibly motivated the influx of games with a mars theme the past several years. You can decide to play the game like a corporation, with a shared objective of terraforming Mars surface by raising the temperature of the surface, increasing the level of oxygen, creating oceans, and constructing cities.

    You can decide to play in every style you settle on. It’s possible to build titanium power plants and mines, build satellite stations, and set up migrant havens and cities.

    Otherworldly Space-Themed Board Games
    Otherworldly Space-Themed Board Games
    • Race for the Galaxy Card

    It is an interesting card game that involves two up to four players. It involves building decks and centers around the creation of a galactic civilization.

    The cards represent social and technical developments while the players can covertly pick one among the five phases of Developing, Exploring, Settling, Producing, or Consuming at the onset of every game round thereby dictating the gameplay. Whoever, gets the most points to end up winning the game in the end.

    • Fantasy Flight Games CE01 Cosmic Encounter

    The name comes from an iconic alien space title from the era of the seventies. It is a very interesting and unique game that involves a cosmic encounter. As such, it has diverse alien lifeforms, cagey advanced technology, and with planets for exploration.

    Pick one out of the fifty probable alien leaders, with every leader possessing a distinct set of powers and lore that results in a varied style of play. You can then pick the race to dominate and colonize the opponents’ planet. Try and make alliances that you can competitively use while strategizing to win.

    • Twilight Imperium

    The game involves putting the opera within the space opera. It has an upward of a thousand pieces, seventeen probable factions, besides four up to six playtime hours.

    Compete with your pals to take control of the galactic empire via political, militaristic, and economic strategy. Such strategies can include passing laws, trading, claiming planets, and negotiating. Each faction needs a separate style of play, making the game repayable.

    • Galaxy Trucker from Czech Games

    It is a brilliant space game that has excellent humor. The game allows you to play as a sewage corporation based in space and which hires galaxy truckers. The galaxy truckers are people who haul things across the universe. You can construct the space ship and pilot it across the cosmos. It can either break down or you encounter pirates as you face obstacles and challenges.


    Otherworldly board games come across as unique and interesting as ever. It’s an opportunity you cannot pass when it comes to relaxation and rejuvenation before resuming your busy schedule.


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