Payment Not Needed (For Now): Things To Do As a Free-to-Play OSRS Player

    Payment Not Needed (For Now): Things To Do As a Free-to-Play OSRS Player
    Payment Not Needed (For Now): Things To Do As a Free-to-Play OSRS Player

    Although getting an OSRS membership gives you access to way more content, it’s undeniable that playing as a completely F2P member gives a certain sense of charm. Having said that, here are some of the things you can and should do as a player other than gather OSRS gold that has yet to pay for membership fees.

    Finishing the Dragon Slayer Quests

    There is quite the number of OSRS quests that you can accomplish even though you’re just a free-to-play player. Among them, one of the most popular and most iconic would be Dragon Slayer I. The eponymous dragon that you will have to kill to accomplish this quest is named Elvarg, a female dragon who’s stronger than most of her kind. It’s a rather expected result, as she was created by the Dragonkin to be more aggressive on purpose than others like her, as she was meant to fight humans.

    Aside from the namesake quest that lets you do a really cool thing, this quest also lets you equip the Rune Platebody and Green Dragonhide Body, armor that offer considerable defensive capabilities.

    There are only two requirements for the quest: have 32 quest points so that you can enter the Champions’ Guild, and be able to defeat Elvarg, a level 83 dragon; no need to buy OSRS gold. You also need either 10,000 coins or 33 Magic.

    The quest is composed of three parts. For the first one, you have to talk to the Guildmaster in the Champions’ Guild, where you’ll be asked to complete the three pieces of the map that will lead you to the island where the green dragon lives. Next, you’ll be required to get the anti-dragon shield and repair the ship that will take you where Elvarg is. Finally, you get to kill the green dragon and get to equip the armors that the quest will grant you access to.

    Checking Out Simpler Quests

    While the Dragon Slayer quest has no solid requirements when it comes to skills, it’s actually the toughest available quest for free-to-play players. This means that rather than it being the only worthwhile available quest for you, it’s actually the ultimate quest available to those that aren’t members.

    This means that there are many other OSRS quests that are also available, are also worth the time and effort, and are also pretty fun themselves. Some of them have skill level requirements, but they’re rather low so you might as well try them out. Plus, they might even help you get motivated to start leveling your skills up.

    Making a Killing Skilling

    Speaking of which, other than unlocking OSRS quests, it’s also important that you level up your skills. Doing this is tougher in free-to-play than it is when you’re a membership, but it’s doable nevertheless. So, why level up your skills as a free-to-play member instead of taking the easy way out by paying for a membership? The first reason is that you get to cut your spending down. Second, because you want a bit of a challenge. Whatever your reason may be, the important thing is that you get to reach the following levels:

    • 58 Fishing
    • 40-70 Cooking
    • 36-61 Crafting
    • 60+ Woodcutter
    • 55 Magic
    • 61 Range

    Aside from the fact that these are very helpful skills, both Magic and Range are necessary if you plan on defeating Elvarg.

    As for woodcutting, you practically get the same XP in free-to-play as you do once you got the membership, so you might as well grind for these skills now. This way, you can not only prepare to be one of the members later on, but also show yourself and the world that you can grind for your skills without using the membership as a crutch.

    Another good skill to start grinding now in order to prepare for your Old School Runescape membership would be fishing. Aside from the fact that it’s a rather relaxing skill to take up, it’s also a great way to make money. So if you don’t mind losing out a bit on the brawns department because you focused on baiting and reeling them in, then you might as well be a fisherman (or woman) for the meantime.

    Last but definitely not least would be skilling for both Attack and Defense. While grinding for these two would definitely be easier, grinding for them until level 50 lets you unlock the first pieces of members-only armor. In a way, you can say that free-to-play skilling prepares you for the paid experience ahead of you.

    They say the best things in life are free. That’s not the case with free-to-play Old School RuneScape content, but they’re definitely pretty good. So give them a shot; they’re worth your time and effort.


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