PES lost “AC Milan” and “Inter Milan” licenses to Fifa

    PES lost “AC Milan” and “Inter Milan” licenses to Fifa
    PES lost “AC Milan” and “Inter Milan” licenses to Fifa

    Konami announced that PES no longer has the license for two Milan-based football clubs AC Milan and Inter Milan. PES 2020 will still feature both clubs and will be represented the same way as before.

    MyClub members will not be affected in any way and will be able to use their membership in a normal in-game. Konami has not announced PES2021 yet but it is supposed to arrive later in 2020.

    Konami asked the fans to wait for further updates on each title regarding other football games. New updates will be mentioned in a new full-guideline video – it will be posted on the YouTube channel.

    YouTube is on fire lately getting huge recognition from gaming and sports companies. If you want to jump into the train and get recognition on YouTube, then you buy YouTube likes to have a start-up for a journey.

    The company announced that it will work on strengthening the existing partnerships and fostering new relationships in order to provide the best football experience for gamers.

    EA Sports probably has an exclusive deal with both Milan clubs. In 2019 Konami announced they possessed an official license for Italy’s Serie A, which meant that PES 2020 could use official logos, trophies, and names from the league.

    PES lost “AC Milan” and “Inter Milan” licenses to Fifa
    PES lost “AC Milan” and “Inter Milan” licenses to Fifa

    Besides the AC Milan and Inter Milan Konami has exclusive rights to Juventus and used the team’s midfielder along with Barcelona’s Lionel Messi to be on the cover of PES 2020.

    “Inter Milan” Striker Lukaku does not like his rating in a new Fifa?

    EA Sports announces the player rating for FIFA every year. The ratings change according to the performance and popularity of the players. Romeli Lukaku expressed his discontent regarding the FIFA ratings in a recent Instagram post.

    He says EA is trying to upset the players so that they complain about the ratings and increase the game’s popularity. In Fifa 21 Lukaku is the 65th best player of the game with an overall rating of 85.

    He had the same rating in Fifa 2020. During his first season at Inter, he scored 34 goals. It is the first time for a football player to score so much during the first season since the 1997-98 season when Brazilian football player Ronaldo was transferred.

    Other football players including Aymeric Laporte and Aubameyang have also made comments on their Instagram pages. Bayern players have also had unexpected ratings. Some of those who performed better than previously have lower ratings. 


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