Play and Download Online Games: How to Pick the Right Site

Play and Download Online Games: How to Pick the Right Site
Play and Download Online Games: How to Pick the Right Site

A lot has changed for online games. It used to be you couldn’t play a game with a friend unless both of you were in the same room, with computers attached to each other –– those good old Medal of Honor days. But, now, you can play Fortnite or PUBG with your friends across the globe. All you’d need is a good internet connection and lots of free time to kill.

Even more so, with the evolution of technology and the digital space, more and more areas fields are being conquered every day in the gaming industry. Take a virtual and augmented reality game, for instance. Those weren’t even on the map 10 or 15 years ago. Now, you have virtual reality games on laptops and mobiles. And if the success of a game like Pokemon Go tells us anything, it’s that people like everything that is new and exciting.

That is why most trends in the digital gaming world try to provide people with as many options as possible. The most important option an online game can provide to a consumer is something they don’t usually have access to with ease, like playing the guitar on your phone without having to own an actual guitar or gambling without having to go to a casino.

How to choose an online game?

Play and Download Online Games How to Pick the Right Site
Play and Download Online Games How to Pick the Right Site

The answer to that one is not quite easy. There are thousands of online games and websites you could choose from and plenty of cool options to download. But you have to start somewhere. These are some pointers to help you choose the right website for you.

Choose a gaming category

Before choosing the online game you’re going to download or play, you need to determine the category. You have role-playing games (RPGs), driving games, shooting games, adventure games, and so on. If you’re still indecisive, check the games you have already played. That should give you a pointer in which direction you need to go.

Check websites related to your chosen genre

After you decide what type of game you want to play, check some online websites that can give you pointers about which games to download and play. Let’s say you want to play an RPG, GameSpy is a website that could point you in the right direction.

Check the rating and credibility

If you decided on a game on a website, before storming off to play it, you should make sure it has a good rating. A game might look good, but you should check the website and the game’s ratings by other users. That should give you some insight into the quality of what you’re getting into. You need to learn about the website’s credibility because it’s really a bad idea to go ahead and spend money or even waste time on a website that might not be trustworthy.

Check the price

Don’t start playing until you learn about the price of the game, if there is one. It very well might be out of your budget range. Some websites have free games but offer more options for premium users for money. In all cases, it’s best you determine if you’re going for the extra options or the basic gameplay.

Best Online Gaming Websites

What’s better than killing time playing an online game? It’s killing time playing an online free game. These are some cool online gaming websites you could use, for free!

With over 100 categories of games, has plenty of options you can choose from. You’ll find shooting games, puzzles, logic games, and much more

This website tailors games according to your interests. You play a few games and then it recommends other games to you based on your earlier choices.

You play games, earn badges, and get points when you finish challenges. You have many multiplayer games you can play with people from around the world.

A cool thing about this website is they’re always adding new games. So you won’t need to keep playing the same games over again. They have a hidden object, puzzle, strategy, and many more games.

This one’s a very popular website with a massive category of games. You’ll also be playing with thousands of other players from around the globe. And some games are so popular they’ve been played over 30 million times, as evident by the counter next to each game. has a lot of categories to offer, but the real cool one is 5-minute games. This is basically a game you can complete in 5 minutes, which is quite useful if you’re in a hurry but want to play a game or two.

What’s cool about this website is that it offers an actual cash prize for winning some game tournaments. It has plenty of categories to choose from, and in some, you can win money playing people from around the world.

Nothing beats a classic. With games you already know, like PacMan and Angry Birds, is quite enjoyable and pretty much a trip down memory lane.

The little on the nose name aside, this website actually does have addicting games. You choose from several categories like zombies, sports, shooting, strategy, and action games.

Online Gambling

When it comes to online gambling, things are a bit different. You have to choose your website more carefully than a normal game. There are currently thousands of online gambling websites on the internet with a variety of casino services and games. Having these many websites is both good and bad. Good in the sense that you have several options to choose from and bad in that even a professional gambler is more likely to not get overwhelmed by the magnitude of options. If you feel tempted to sign up at any random online gambling website with big numbers promised, know that this is definitely a bad idea because not all of them are the same and the standards are different.

Why is it important to choose a trustworthy gambling website?

Well, the short answer is your money. Sure, entertainment is a factor to be considered, but safety and legality also play a very important role in the process. If you deal with a bad casino, you’ll be dealing with people who are constantly trying to scam you of your money in whatever way they could.

You also need to choose a casino that is legitimately licensed, because if you can’t trust their credentials, then what’s the point of it all? There many decent online casinos out there that are registered with legal, licensed gaming commissions. All you have to do as a beginner is to make the effort to find one. For instance, is one of the best online, authorized, gambling sites in Malaysia and is known for being reputable and also for its variety of games.

How can you choose the best gambling site?

· Check the credentials and reputation

You’ll need to make sure the place holds a valid gambling license from a reputable gambling commission, and that the casino’s operations are regulated. This information is usually displayed on the website along with license and registration numbers. Goes without saying that you should avoid any website that looks suspicious or appears having false credentials.

The best way to learn about a casino’s credibility and quality is by reading up as many reviews about the place as you can. Then you need to get the average of these reviews to see if these websites actually are trustworthy or not. It’s not exactly bulletproof, but it should give you an idea based on other people’s experiences, how good or bad the website is. There are also ‘watchdog’ websites that can help you learn about a casino’s reputation, policies, and products.

· Money convenience and security

You need to make sure the gambling website uses the latest technologies to protect your information, privacy, and more importantly money. Try to look for ones that use 128-bit SSL encryption, which is considered to be the most secure encryption there is and considered to be logically unbreakable.

If you’re going to bet real money, you’ll also want to know if the gambling website uses your preferred payment method, credit and debit cards, bank transfers, vouchers, etc. Make sure you can also use any of these methods to redeem your winnings. Learn also if the banking options for the payout are actually accessible to you, geographically speaking. Plenty of withdrawing systems in gambling websites can get a bit futile and annoying, which is something you need to steer clear off while taking your money. While reputable sites offer a variety of options like PayPal, MasterCard, and visa, not all do.

·  Look for promotions and bonuses

It’s important that you look for promotions, bonuses, and sign-up deals. You need to go after online casinos that offer huge jackpots. There hundreds of websites out there, so why go after those who offer little prize money? Look for the big boys; some major casinos offer jackpots worth millions of dollars and it’s those that you’re after at the end of the day.

You should also consider casinos that have outstanding reward programs and offer their customers the best promotions there is. With the extensive competition out there, most websites offer to sign up bonuses and even some give away free bets. But before you choose the flashiest signup bonus in front of you, read the rules and policies and the clearance rates. Some casinos give major offers, but require you to play a certain amount or spend a specific amount of money before you can redeem your bonuses.

·  Know your options

There are standard games you’re almost certain to find at any online casino and any betting platform for that matter. But the choice itself is going to be yours. Maybe today you feel like betting on your favorite Premier League match or a tennis match. Tomorrow, you might want to polish your poker skills in an online game with high stakes. Later, you could try your luck out with a game of chance. Whatever you’re going to choose, this is definitely the fun part. The options are plenty and each has its own flavor and excitement.

If you’re interested in only one type of gambling, then perhaps you need to choose the website that suits that need alone. If you’re after a little bit of everything, then an all in one website is what you need. Explore your options and try out as many as you can –– some websites give you a free game or two before having to put in a deposit.

Special games are another type of game you might want to look out for. Every now and then, a website would offer a special game if case a customer got bored with roulette, poker, or the slots and the likes. They give you the option to try out a special game for some time, like virtual horse racing.

This might seem like a lot to take, but it’s just like any other new experience at first. It takes some practice and some getting used to in order to learn how to filter good websites.

The world of online gaming and casinos can be daunting and confusing at first, but the more you delve into it the more it makes sense and the more you get accustomed to its inner workings and the nitty-gritty of it all. You need to take your time before making any decisions when it comes to online gaming and gambling.

You’ll find a lot of flashy offers and bonuses, but in the end, they do want your money, whether it’s gambling or a prize for winning a candy crush global game. The most important step you’ll take when it comes to online gaming is choosing the right website. If you follow the steps mentioned above and give it a good night’s sleep, you’ll probably land a good one. Once that is done, the rest is all fun and games if you win at least.


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