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In recent years much has changed on our planet. We are facing new challenges as we are finding new solutions at the same time. As technological development is running forward and new inventions enter the market on a daily basis, our daily lives have changed as well. Since we entered the age of the internet and digitization nothing seems to be the same anymore. It almost feels like a completely new world compared to what the world looked like some decades before.

it is apparent a large amount of things that we used to do physically have shifted to a digital world. Communicating with friends, family and business partners, entertainment, work itself, love, emotions, pain and joy all have entered the digital phase and mostly happen on our smartphones, tablets and laptop screens nowadays. The entertainment sector, especially the gaming and gambling industry, are a great example for this development.

While we used to sit together in living rooms, cinemas, sport arenas or casinos, we enjoy all of those things now comfortably from home or any other place that we are at the moment. Since then the gaming and sports world has changed. Now we can play valorant bets from our bedroom and the so-called eSports have brought a completely new side to sports. The internet is the helper for any question and offers you information about every possible question about the subject. Betting on eSports became very famous over the past years and  one of the top esport brand among players offers you to place your bets on the favorite games and the most famous tournaments.

Everything seems to be online

The internet and digitization have changed our lives completely. While young folks used to go outside and see the world through their very eyes, they now try to figure out how to work the best on multiple screens at the same time. But like any development, it does not only go in one direction and new inventions bring new axes to life.

It is obvious that gaming has become completely digital, but at the same time people who only meet online on gaming platforms feel a desire to have a physical place where they can meet in person, exchange information, become friends and generally have a gaming experience that sticks in their minds more than just a rainy Sunday in front of the screen. Now such a place finally exists also in Europe. The palace of gaming sits in Sweden and here is what you have to know about it!

What is the new palace of gaming?

First of all we need to provide some basic infos about what the whole thing is about. While gamers are of course familiar with so-called gaming centers like the Esports Stadium Arlington or the Ignite Gaming Lounge in Chicago. Most of those places only exist in the United States and have a certain capacity. The new place though is located in Sweden and claims to be more than just a regular gaming center.

What we are talking about is a new attraction for visitors to the Swedish capital Stockholm that drives gamer enthusiasts mad since its announcement. It is called “Space” and is intended to become a meeting point for the digital generation where they can exchange and talk about the best gaming strategies. It is a center for digital culture, and is said to include the largest gaming center in the world. The location of the center is as sci-fi as the whole project itself, as it is located in one of the five skyscrapers on Hötorget square in the city center, as Visit Sweden reports.

The Space esports and gaming center in Stockholm which is brought to life by the Swedish gaming, music, and media company Space will be located on the third floor of the renowned skyscraper in the center of Stockholm and offers an area of more than 80.000 square feet for entertainment.

What is ‘Space’?

The company that founded this amazing project is called ‘Space’ and was founded by the creators Gustav Käll, Per Sundin and Lars Blomberg. These people are not unknown in the media and entertainment industry of Sweden, as Gustav Käll is the Universal Music Group’s head of esports and the label head of Enter Records. Furthermore, Lars Bloomberg is the chairman and architectural partner of the DAP Group, while Per Sundin is a former managing director of Universal Music Sweden. So it is obvious that these people know what they are doing.

The new ‘Space Center’ that they have brought to life now, opened its doors to the public on the 27th of november and features a great deal of entertainment for small and big.  The center includes a gaming center, restaurants, cafés, an arena, as well as content development and music facilities. But of course the biggest highlight is the gaming facility with over 500 fully equipped computers which makes it Europe’s largest gaming facility ever seen. The arena is pretty large as well and will be used to host esports tournaments, music performances, game launch events, and other live acts.

Being asked what the whole project is about, the creators of Space answered that they aim to reach out and uplift communities, showing new possibilities and motivating the new generations. Furthermore, they stated that the idea is to create a place for digital culture that connects people from around the world on a human level in a world where everyone can explore their creativity and have a stronger feeling of belonging to the community.

Why Sweden?

Obviously the Space esports and gaming center is located in Sweden, as the creators of the center are Swedish citizens and worked all their life in the country. But there is more behind the question of why Sweden.

As many may not know, Sweden has a long history of innovative technologies, music and especially digital games. At the same time, Sweden offers the perfect conditions and grounds to create such a place, as its government is in favor of new technological inventions, democratic and open-source entertainment that works at the same time as education centers and supports the project a lot.

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