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Reasons Why CS:GO Has Such a Large Community

CS:GO used to be one of the most anticipated games ever. It’s still one of the most played games in the world. Despite its release date, which is over eight years ago at this point, CS:GO still enjoys regular updates from developers, a continually evolving and vibrant community, and even a little eSports.

There are more than a couple of reasons why Counter-Strike Global Offensive is as popular as it is, and most of these reasons stem from the community of the game. Sure, there’s the occasional oddball or troll, but most of the CS:GO community is pretty chill.

In this article, we’ll explore what makes the CS:GO community so large, vibrant, and interesting, and why it’s one of the most welcoming game communities out there.

Very Easy to Learn How to Play

Counter strike as a game has been around for ages. In the past, you would play the game on-and-on until you got bored. The first incarnations of CS were the cornerstone of any modern shooter, and the latest variant, CS:GO, is no exception.

Take away all of the flashy skins, many guns, and interesting gameplay – the game is extremely easy to play but extremely tough to master, and that’s what makes it fun. Since it’s a hard game to master, many people come back to it trying to hone their skills.

Room For Perfecting Your Skills

While on the topic of honing your skills in such a challenging game as CS:GO, it takes quite a lot of time to do so. CS:GO is a community-driven game, and if it weren’t for the many opponents that are throwing new tactics and challenges your way, you’d never advance.

However, since the game offers a highly intricate ranking system, the algorithm will match people with others who possess similar skills, allowing for super-balanced games – most of the time.

Meeting New People and Making Friends

While you’ll surely come across some individuals that aren’t too happy that you put a bullet in between their pixels, you’ll come across some fantastic teammates. That’s truly the driving force that keeps CS:GO as popular as it is.

There is no better comradeship than that forged in a hail of bullets, and CS:GO bullets work just as well. It’s a game that many people play, so you’re practically guaranteed to make some friends along the way.

Amazing Esports Events

CS:GO is one of the pillars of eSports. It’s been a great game for eSports ever since it was released, and it continues to be the juggernaut of the eSport world even today, eight years after its release. That’s because as the players are evolving, so is the game.

New tactics, new approaches, and new people are continually flooding into CS:GO, making it a fantastic game for competitions and eSports. Aside from being present at the biggest eSports events globally, CS:GO also has local scenes all across the world, so as long as your hometown has an eSports venue, chances are CS:GO will be featured on it.

Long Tradition

Counter-Strike games have been around for over two decades. They’ve raised and inspired generations of gamers, and with new people coming into the gaming scene, it’s pretty easy to understand why. The game has a long tradition, and while it hasn’t always included seeking out the most expensive CS:GO knife, it has always been about having fun, being friends, and shooting some guns in an online environment.

It’s a game that’s as old as it’s target demographic, making it one of the longest-running games in the world and giving it a sense of tradition that few other games can offer.

CS:GO Memes

And then there are the memes. Sure, we all like to think of ourselves as connoisseurs of the finest funnies that the internet has to offer, but we fail to see just how many of them are rooted in pop culture. We’ve all lived, loved, and laughed at the freakouts people have when they get the most expensive CS:GO skins – but this isn’t the only thing that CS:GO contributed to the world, far from it.

Funny Russian p90 memes, “RUSH B” in general, and even hilarious animations came from CS:GO.

People Can Make Money From CS:GO

Speaking of things that came out of CS:GO, transactions, trading, and collectors are all a core part of a game. You can make quite a lot of money just by playing CS:GO and trading some skins. The most expensive skin ever sold in CS:GO was the Dragon Lore AWP, which was extremely rare and fetched a staggering price of $19,632.80.

While this doesn’t mean you’ll get the skin and be able to put it up for sale, it certainly means you can make a bit of dough by getting skins and selling them. You can earn skins for free from random drops, trade with other players, trade ten common skins for one rarer skin, or even purchase crates!

It’s Very Fun

Sure, shooting people on the internet is fun, but shooting them in CS:GO is one of the best ways to do so. Other FPS games have their intricacies, super complex mechanics, or elaborate moves that make them stand out, but CS:GO offers quite a simplistic approach.

You spawn, you purchase a gun, and you shoot the enemy with it – it’s that simple. Keeping that in mind, how you shoot your enemy is up to you, and the same goes for the enemy team. It’s the way that the people treat the game, which makes it fun. Think of CS:GO as a blank canvas, and its vibrant community is the driving factor that keeps everything fun, exciting, and on edge.

In Conclusion

CS:GO is one of the most popular games in the world, and it’s held this place firmly for years. One of the reasons it has kept its spotlight is the buzzing, vibrant, and active community meticulously working to change the CS:GO landscape every day.

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