RuneScape’s Upcoming Updates for 2022


    What to look forward to in Gielinor

    RuneScape’s not letting go of its longevity just yet. In the game’s ninth (and the franchise’s 24th) year, there are still so many things planned for RuneScape 3. With all these updates, players can enjoy the game even more and have more chances to get RS3 gold. Don’t miss out on exciting lore, cool rewards, and rare items!

    Upcoming Updates

    These are only the planned updates and their expected timetables. They might come in advance or be delayed from the estimates.

    A new Grandmaster quest that closes the Elder God Wars story arc (sometime in March – June)

    Prime Aura is going to be removed (around April 11)

    Double XP Weeks (in May, August, and November)

    In the same months as the Double XP Weeks, a new Yak Track (11th, 12th, and 13th)

    The 5th Elder God Wars Dungeon Boss (around summer)

    Easter Event

    Summer Beach Party

    Halloween Event

    Christmas Event

    Here are more without an estimated date of release.

    Achievements for Arch-Glacor

    Fixes for Corrupted Scorpions in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon

    A graphical rework of Dagannoth King pets

    A rework of player avatars

    In a Little More Detail

    The Elder God Wars quest series is finally getting the conclusion it deserves. The gods are awake, and they are not pleased with what they woke up to. What’s in store for Gielinor and The World Guardian now that these ancient, powerful beings are displeased?

    Soon, we’ll get the answers to that, and it will be epic. Afterward, a new boss for the Elder God Wars Dungeons is coming, giving the players a chance to earn great rewards. The Prime Aura may be going away, but it’s coming back later according to its patterns.

    Double XP Weeks are coming alongside the new Yak Tracks or in the same months. It’s a chance to earn skips while skilling and get those rewards. In the same vein (Yak Tracks are a regular event), Easter, Summer, Halloween, and Christmas events are slated in their respective seasons.

    Who knows? There could be an opportunity to grab a rare limited item such as a Green Santa Hat RS3 during one of those events. The chances might be low, but they’re there. Otherwise, other event-only stuff might become available, making the event the best opportunity to get them.

    The rest of the updates fix something or the other, with one actually adding something to the game. Arch-Glacor achievements already exist, but these new ones will be “fun” for players. The fix for the Corrupted Scorpions may have something to do with the rampant trolling and botting in the dungeon.

    As for the Dagannoth King pets and the avatars, it would be good to have an improvement there, right?


    The most significant update the game has is through the quest storyline. For a sandbox MMORPG, a story this big is quite a draw for any player interested in a game’s lore. This will attract them and let them have the catharsis of finding an ending to this story arc. Cliffhangers can get tiring if left for too long, after all.

    The new boss is also of note, as this usually means new equipment to collect and use. With this boss being part of the Elder God Wars Dungeon, it’s sure to be powerful. Be sure to prepare for it thoroughly, though, as it will be a challenging boss.

    As mentioned above, all of the regular events have a chance of making limited edition items available again. If not, they might have that-event-only items, which means there’s no other way of getting them. Those items will be worth millions in RS3 gold, so don’t miss this chance.

    Even if the player population has plateaued, there are still many things to enjoy in RuneScape 3. These updates will surely revitalize the game and bring new features and mechanics. It’s a treat for those who have stayed loyal to the game and still can be a treat for any who would return to it.

    There are still three full quarters of the year to look forward to in RuneScape. Once the Elder God Wars storyline is over, there could be an announcement for the next big storyline for Gielinor. Here’s to a new year of RuneScape 3 to enjoy, and remember to have fun playing it!




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