Stardew Valley Diamond: Source, Uses, And More

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All you nee­d to know about Diamonds in Stardew Valley hardworking farmers! We set out on a dazzling treasure quest today via the picturesque vistas and colourful fields that have won our hearts. Our mission? To learn about the legendary Stardew Valley Diamond, a brilliant gem of unmatched beauty and untold wealth!

This prized stone has elevated income and status in our small agricultural community due to its mesmerising brilliance and legendary status. We will dig deeply into the mysteries of Stardew Valley, where rumours of the location of the diamond reverberate in the wind, while we till the earth, tend to our crops, and establish valued friendships. Do not be alarmed; I, your eager guide, will show you the way to this wonderful gem.

We will investigate the mines and solve the enigmas of the Stardew Valle­y is an exceptional farming game that offe­rs more than just agriculture. It has intricate Mine­s that feature exploration and combat-base­d challenges, waiting to be discove­red as one traverse­s the picturesque valle­y.

Everything you need to know about Diamonds in Stardew Valley is provided below:

What Are Diamonds?

Diamonds in Stardew Valley are rare and valuable gemstones found in the Mines. They have multiple uses, such as acquiring items, selling for money, completing missions, and trading for more valuable goods. Here’s how to utilize diamonds and where to find them.

How To Find Diamonds In Stardew Valley?

There are many ways to get a Diamond, including exploring the Mines, taking out certain Monsters, and utilizing a Crystalarium.

stardew valley diamond

Investigating The Mines

  • This is the most effective method for locating these important minerals!
  • Diamond Nodes, discovered in Mines above level 50, are where diamonds initially occur.
  • Starting at level 50, you’ll discover a Diamond Node after every 500 rocks.
  • The odds of discovering a Diamond Node rise as you enter the Mines.
  • According to statistics, the rate of discovering diamonds rises by a relatively modest percentage with each floor level beyond floor 50.
  • While mining Gem Nodes, you can get fortune and diamonds.
  • Gem Nodes are rare at any level of the Mines.
  • Once you’ve unlocked it, you’ll be able to discover Diamond and Gem Nodes containing these minerals in the Quarry, making it easy to acquire more of them.
  • If you complete all levels and reach the bottom of the Mines, any monster you battle may drop a diamond.
  • Only Wilderness Golems and certain Slimes (Iron, Copper, Purple, and Red) will drop diamonds if you have yet to reach the bottom.
  • When you beat Duggy, it may drop diamonds.
Monster NameDiamond Drop Rate When Killed
Purple Slime1%
All Monsters After Reaching Bottom of Mines0.05%
Wilderness Golem0.1%
Red Slime1%
Copper Slime1%
Iron Slime1%

In The Crystalarium, Replicating

  • The gadget called Crystalarium can duplicate geode minerals or gems by placing them in a crystal rim.
  • Diamonds in Stardew Valley can be classified into various categories.
  • Placing a diamond in the Crystalarium allows for an infinite supply of diamonds.
  • The Crystalarium continues to produce diamonds if the gem is not removed from it.
  • Creating a diamond in the Crystalarium takes five game days, and additional Crystalariums can speed up the process.
  • You can simulate the passage of time to shorten the manufacturing time for diamonds.
  • Making more diamonds is the best use of the Crystalarium, as they provide the highest daily gold value compared to other minerals.
  • However, you can only use the Crystalarium to get more diamonds if you already have at least one.
  • Going to the mines and obtaining a diamond before attempting to produce more using the Crystalarium is recommended.

You’ll never run out of diamonds again if you have many Crystalariums!

1. Innovative Techniques

There are other ways to get diamonds, but they are inconvenient and ineffective, and getting diamonds through them is rare.

2. Treasure Chests for Fishing

Diamonds are sometimes found in Fishing Treasure Chests. There is a 15% chance that one of these chests may appear when you play the fishing mini-game. If you capture the Treasure Chest during the mini-game, you can view what’s inside when the game is done. The contents of the chests might vary based on your luck in the game and any boosters you’ve triggered.

3. Panning

Panning is a method of locating a unique rock or mineral. You may do this by utilizing a specific copper pan. You hunt for sparkling patches where rivers, lakes, or ponds occur randomly. Panning is usually done to uncover expensive rocks, but sometimes a unique mineral, such as a diamond, might be discovered!

4. Recycling Trash Cans

Diamonds may be discovered in garbage cans. It may seem unusual, but you may occasionally find a Diamond by looking through trash cans! But there’s a catch: Diamonds can only be found in garbage cans if you’ve visited the Mines at least once. There will be no Diamonds in the garbage cans before that. Also, be careful while removing Diamonds from garbage cans since a Villager would be displeased, and your connection with them will suffer.

5. Fish Ponds

Stonefish and Ice Pip Fish Ponds may be used to get Diamonds. When a particular number of fish are in these ponds, they generate something. Your luck and the type of fish in the pond determine the sort of item they create. Stonefish & Ice Pip Fish Ponds may generate Diamonds when there are nine fish in the pond. Conversely, this approach is better suited for the middle to late phases of the game and may be simpler to implement. The table below depicts the possibilities of obtaining Diamonds through the three techniques.

Method UsedDiamond Drop Rates
Icepip Pond0.8%
Scavenging Garbage CansUndetermined
Fishing Treasure Chests4-5% (Dependent on Fishing Zone)
Stonefish Pond0.8%
Panning2% +/- Daily Luck & Buffs

What Can Diamonds Be Used For?

stardew valley diamond

Diamonds are useful for a wide range of purposes outside merely selling them. (Even if using the Mineral in that way is the finest use you can give it).

1. Selling

Diamonds’ primary and most evident purpose are for trade. 

In terms of selling value, Diamond is the second-most expensive Mineral in the game after the Prismatic Shard. 

The starting selling price for a single Diamond is 750g. A diamond sold when you are a gemologist will bring home a whooping 975g!

If you utilize a Crystalarium farm to produce several Diamonds and shorten the days to get the Mineral, you may quickly accumulate a large sum of money. 

For comparison, you may get 97,500g in seconds using 100 Crystalariums to replicate the Diamonds and mimic the days. 

(As long as you work as a gemologist; else, it would cost 75,000g)

2. Gifting

Giving diamonds to the majority of the villagers is a wonderful gesture. 

It is a gift that everyone enjoys, even some Villagers. 

Instead of looking into each Villager’s likes and dislikes, let’s say you’re just trying to choose a decent present overall. Diamonds are the ideal choice in the scenario.

A Crystalarium may be used to instantly present diamonds by farming them up. 

This technique is still useful for swiftly gaining the Stardew Valley resident’s friendship since you can only offer each character two presents weekly.

Stardew Valley Diamond Recipes

A few recipes will want diamonds from you.

These are them:

NameDescriptionRecipe  SourceSell Price
Ring of YobaOccasionally protects the wearer against harm.Combat Level 7750g
Geode CrusherOpens geodes automatically. Coal is required for operation.Clintcannot be sold
Fairy DustSprinkle on kegs, furnaces, & other refining equipment to acquire their output immediately.“The Pirate’s Wife”quest500g

You’ll need gold bars, a stone, and a diamond for the Geode Crusher, while the Ring of Yoba requires iron bars, gold bars, and a diamond.


Tasks You could want a diamond for different tasks in many circumstances.

An illustration. Thanks to the Help Wanted sign outside the General Store. You could need assistance anytime. Upon completing this task, you will get 2250 gold coins and 150 friendship points. No need to worry; this may only happen once you have advanced to Mines level 40.

For certain tasks in the fish pond, you may also require a diamond!

Other Use

You could need a diamond for the Treasure Hunter’s Bundle or use it to build the pennant shirt by sewing it onto the sewing machine’s spool.


Q1. What is the easiest way to get a diamond in Stardew Valley?

The Diamond is a Mineral that may be collected from Diamond Nodes on levels 50+ and Gem Nodes on any floor in the Mines. After reaching the bottom of the Mines, any Monster may drop a diamond.

Q2. Is it worth selling Stardew Valley diamond?

The biggest source of money as a gem, a diamond is undoubtedly the finest stone to replicate in the Crystalarium. All giftable NPCs likewise enjoy or adore diamonds. You may purchase a Triple Shot Espresso for one diamond from the Calico Desert Trader.

Q3. What should I do with my first diamond in Stardew Valley?

If you have a crystal atrium, place it in there. If not, I’d give it to the museum. More can be found in the mines. Keep it for a crystal exhibit.

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