Tech Trends in the Gaming Sector to Elevate the Gaming Experience


    Advancement in technology has impacted numerous industries, and the gaming industry has not been left out either. It has grown to benefit the market giants and start-up gaming, developers. One of the primary reasons for the proliferation is the increased use of mobile phones. Mobile phones have made it easy to access online gaming.

    Other tech trends have contributed to the growth and elevation of the gaming industry. The development of technology and its widespread adoption have made it inevitable in the gaming world. Below are some tech trends that have changed and enhanced the gaming industry.

    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (AR & VR)

    Virtual reality in gaming was adopted long before it became fashionable and adapted by other industries like real estate. Even though virtual reality has been in the industry longer than augmented reality, AR is gaining popularity faster than VR. However, VR is still a niche in the gaming industry that is expected to enjoy its reign for the next decade.

    In virtual reality gaming, gamers are immersed in an alternative environment using special VR headsets. VR headsets were first tried in the gaming industry in the early 1980s. However, consumer-ready headsets were introduced in the market 12 years ago. The launch of Oculus Rift headsets, a pocket-friendly set of VR headsets, saw the beginning of VR gaming.

    Augmented reality utilizes a pre-created digital environment over the player’s actual environment in real-time. It requires simple devices like smartphones, portable gaming systems, and tablets. Some advanced AR games create the digital environment using your actual surroundings. There had been numerous attempts of AR, but it took off in 2016 after the release of Pokemon Go. 

    Extended Use of Mobile Phones

    From 2016, the global mobile gaming industry grew more than any other type of gaming. Tablets and smartphones have influenced the growth of many sectors like tourism, hospitality, retail, and the gaming industry is not an exception. With mobile phones, players have their favorite games in the palm of their hands.

    The extended use of smartphones has also brought a rise in the gambling world. It has seen the introduction of numerous online casinos since people prefer them to the brick and mortar casinos. 

    The growth of online casinos has caused a rise in betting blogs like Betting88 which gives players insights on the best betting sites offered for gamers in Thailand, with the best gambling experience. It has numerous games like Halloween Fortune, Ace Ventura, Alaskan Fishing, Age of the Gods, Agent Jane Blonde, Great Blue, and so much more. Betting on football at Vwin is also friendly since it offers the best odds, therefore, maximizing their chances of winning.  

    Cloud Gaming

    Cloud gaming is a gaming service that uses remote cloud streams and servers to run games instead of local servers. It is commonly referred to as gaming- as- a- service or gaming-on-demand. 

    There is no need to download the games on your mobile phone, PC, or console with cloud gaming. Cloud gaming helps in freeing up space, and also it makes games more accessible. 

    Cloud gaming also allows gamers to pick up from where they left, even with different devices. Cloud gaming has been available since the 2000s, but the technology and internet speed made it hard to play the games efficiently. However, over time the success of cloud gaming has been exhibited as we grow more into this technological era. It is now influencing how game developers design video games. 

    Blockchain and NFTs

    The expansion of play-to-earn games has brought a rise in cryptocurrencies, also known as the blockchain. Games like Axie Infinity have millions of daily active users. Cryptocurrency is also used in online gambling. It is a secure and anonymous way of cashing in and out of the casinos. Through blockchain, you can avoid cases of fraud and hacking since it is hard to trace or track crypto transactions. 

    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are also another trend trying to catch on in the gaming industry. NFTs allow players to play, earn, win and trade unique in-game items. However, the idea is not popular among players, and some see it as a waste of energy. It is also unpopular since heavy processing power is required to run the blockchain algorithms necessary for NFT to function. However, it is believed in 2022 that, it will rise in popularity.


    The gaming industry has continued to evolve for the last decade, and it is set to develop even further as technology continues to grow. There will be innovations that will bring an awe-inspiring gaming experience full of social interactions. It is up to the gaming developers to utilize all the trends and technological advancements that come as time goes by to elevate and improve the gaming experience.


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