Tennis Doubles Tips And Tricks In 2022

    Tennis Doubles Tips And Tricks In 2022
    Tennis Doubles Tips And Tricks In 2022

    In tennis doubles, you and a partner have to play with a team of two opposing players. It would help if you had some strategies and tricks to play well in this game. Here are some of the tennis tips and tricks which you must follow:

    Learn to poach:

    Poach is the technique in this game in which the net player moves out of their place to hit the ball. Try to learn to volley the ball while poaching. Be focused to volley the ball as you change your position.

    Fake to distract the opponents:

    This is the best rackets trick to play well on the ground. You have to show multiple poaches or make a fabulous fake. This Strategy to play with the best tennis racquets will help to allow the opponents to make more mistakes and give you a chance to gain more points.

    Serve first:

    If you are playing doubles, you should serve first. This will give you the option to help volley, poach, and attack the weak return from opponents. This thing will increase your pressure on your opponents.

    Hit towards the weak point:

    Try to hit the ball towards the weakest point. When there are net players, try to put the lob on their heads. It would help if you concentrate on the weak player of the opposite team and hit him.

    Choose the middle of the court:

    If you are playing doubles, choose the middle of the curt for the attack. Hitting towards the middle causes excellent confusion for both players of opponents. They will rush towards the center, giving you a chance to close on the net.

    Pressuring the net in court:

    One of the strategies for playing doubles is coming to the net quickly. This gives you a chance to play well. You can volley the ball more rapidly and hardly.


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