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There is not a secret that anime can handle any genre with a lot of talent. As a medium, animation adopts relatively marginalized main themes and creates a fascinating experience for its audience. Given that this form of animation has become so influential worldwide, we can find anime in various online casino games as well. Some of the most notable anime that base their plot on the world of gambling will be listed in this blog post.

Why & When Anime Meets Gambling

As we all know, the creators of this type of animation use multiple influences to make more complex stories and characters. One of the many common influences in anime that is often used as a plot device is the practice or activity of betting, that is, gambling.

The game is a mental combination of chance and luck; it is essentially a tortuous title and its specific results always lead to the distortion of the plot. That’s why gambling can be an excellent choice for a lot of anime plots. On the flip side, betting requires more knowledge and skills to make profits in the long run. But those who take an interest in Valorant bets and invest time into researching their options before placing real-money wagers are likely to see fruitful results.

Many gambling platforms offer games where the adventures that happen in the anime are best recreated are the slots. This is due to the fact that slot machines have great versatility, which makes it easier for the imagination of their developers to focus them on a certain theme.

Both with their designs, and with their story, and even with the use of music related to the plot they pose, which becomes a soundtrack, online casinos get the user to immerse themselves in the game as if they were enjoying their favorite anime from their smartphone and in the comfort of their home. So, there is an intersection of anime and gambling industries, and they do well while combined together.

Top Anime About Gambling 

Now, we leave you a list of the five series that will surely fill your being with an unimaginable tension when you see the high stakes that these titles will be willing to take to win in the world of chance.

Death Parade

This anime is based on a very interesting premise. In the game, when someone dies, they end up in a strange bar (called Quindecim) where they decide whether they will end up in heaven or hell. The concept of gambling is as follows: if you win, you live again; if you lose the bet, you must die.

The interesting thing about this judgment is that it is based on its result in a series of games in which the person is forced to participate. In addition to the originality of its plot, it is a story that encourages reflection, since each person assumes this destiny in a way and is confronted with a different style from the proposed games.


Kaiji is a young man who has wasted his life on vagrancy, but then he meets Endou, a mysterious man who informs him about a huge sum of money that a friend of his lost in a bet, debt that Kaiji will have to repay.

Endou invites him to a strange boat with players, where he can pay off the debt contracted by his old friend. This ship, on the flip side, has several mysteries, in addition to the chance-based titles that the boy will have to face during the plot to settle what his friend owes. In it, you will have a unique animation style and an exciting tension that will make you feel like you are yourself playing in the land-based casinos.

Ousama Game

It is an anime whose plot revolves around the world of betting. Through a chain of messages that some students receive on their phones, they must face a series of games in which they can lose their lives, hence it becomes a big bet with many emotions.

No Game No Life

The story tells us about a couple of ‘neets’ brothers named Shiro and Sora. They spend their time playing on different consoles and practically, on all of them, they are invincible. Their life is quiet and lazy until they get an invitation to play a game of chess against a very mysterious user. They accept and as is their custom, they win.


We want to conclude our list with this one – this anime comes with a fascinating narrative that takes us to Hyakka High School, a school that despises the academic and sports talent of its students, because the real way to shine there is to show off in the different games of chance. Students who win and bet too much will basically be the kings of the institute, while those who lose will be treated like laughing stock by others.

The protagonist of the story is Yumeko Jabami, who will challenge the best players in the school, teaching some tricks that we could use in casinos.

The Bottom Line

As you can see from above, anime and online gambling are two great industries that go hand in hand in today’s world of entertainment. If you have never played any of these games mentioned above and would like to start, they are really a great option to indulge yourself into.

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