The best characters of Multiversus: who, when, and why?


    To understand clearly how to play some game you need to realize the power balance of the characters. The presence and quality of this balance identify if the piece is harmonized to play with the interest for a long time. As Multiversus is a quite new game, there are still many questions to explore. But Mobalytics released you from the necessity to search for the Multiversus best characters on your own. Here you are to discover the tier list which will clarify most of the questions before the game starts. 

    Table of Contents

    Mobalytics team: tier list and not only

    First, let’s get acquainted. Mobalytics is a source that provides you with some helpful information for you to have a chance to improve your skills and gameplay. Mobalytics focuses on some particular games and keeps them as the main direction for their work, but they pay attention to the new pieces too.

    That’s why they’ve made a small introduction to the world of Multiversus with their brief analytics article in their blog. The article includes: 

    • the rate list; 
    • the infographics; 
    • the description with a more detailed explanation of why some characters are assigned to this particular tier. 

    However, they pay the readers’ attention to the fact, that the estimation is quite subjective and everything could be changed depending on your gameplay style. So when you choose a hero to start from or the one to develop, focus on features the most convenient and comfortable for you. Thus, you can reach better results than if you were following just a general estimation. 

    The best characters in brief

    As you can see in the infographics, the S+ tier has only Bugs Bunny. His capacities on the battlefield distinguish him from the other number of heroes and make him stand out to the level that he has his own category in the rating. 

    The next tier is the characters with exceptionally unique or powerful abilities to use in solo battles or with teams. It needs to be said that everything depends strongly on the players because when we talk about assigning a character to some conditional level, his abilities are specified according to how the community uses them. 

    Think about this article as a short and intriguing introduction to a more detailed description by Mobalytics. Use this tier list to find your perfect option and enjoy the game no matter how long you play it!


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