The Forest Crafting Guide: Complete Guide To Crafting

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Welcome to a world filled with dangerous obstacles and untamed environment, resourceful The Forest survival! Today, we go out on a heroic mission to learn the craft, one in which our ability to survive depends on our creativity and talent. We will reveal the crafting techniques used in this dangerous region as we make our way through the dense vegetation and harsh terrain.

We will learn the complex techniques that turn common scraps into powerful tools and fortresses from our low beginnings, when basic sticks and stones are our partners. Do not be afraid; I will be your faithful guide through this maze of creating, exposing the blueprints and skills that will take you from merely surviving to true mastery. Together, we will gather materials, fend off dangerous animals, and create wonders that

In addition to fostering a sense of connection with the natural world, crafting in the forest also fosters the growth of resourcefulness, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Also, it’s a fantastic opportunity to relax from the demands of contemporary life and spend time outside.

Several online and live courses can teach you the methods and skills required to make your forest-inspired crafts if you’re interested in giving The forest crafting guide a try. Why not venture outside into the woods?

Sons Of The Forest Crafting Guide (Full List)

Weapons Tools
Crafted Axe1 Stick + 1 Rock + 1 Rope
Crafted Club1 Stick + 1 Skull
Crafted Bow1 Stick + 1 Cloth + 1 Rope
Upgraded Stick1 Stick + 1 Cloth
Upgraded Rock1 Rock + 1 Cloth
Weak Spears2 Sticks
Upgraded Spear1 Weak Spear + 3 Bones + 2 Cloth
Flintlock PistolAll 8 Gun Parts
Repair Tool2 Sticks + 1 Rock + 2 Cloth + 10 Tree Sap
Rope7 Cloth
Slingshot1 Stick + 1 Cloth + 1 Electrical Tape
Toy1 Toy Torso + 1 Toy Head + 1 Left Toy Arm + 1 Right Toy arm + 1 Left Toy Leg + 1 Right Toy Leg

ArrowsItems Materials
Arrows1 Stick + 5 Feathers
Bone Arrows5 Bones + 1 Stick + 5 Feathers
Fire Arrows5 Arrows + 1 Cloth + 1 Booze
Poison Arrows4 Twinberries OR Snowberries OR 1 Jack OR Amanita Mushroom + 5 Arrows

Explosives & IncendiariesItems Materials
Molotov1 Cloth + 1 Booze
Bomb1 Booze + 1 Coin + 1 Circuit Board + 1 Wristwatch + 1 Electrical Tape
Sticky Bomb1 Tree Sap + 1 Bomb
Head Bomb1 Head + 1 Bomb
Incendiary Spear1 Upgraded Spear + 1 Cloth + 1 Booze
Flare GunAmmo 1 Flare + Flare Gun

Armor & Wearables Items Materials
Stealth Armor1 Lizard Skin + 15 Leaves
Bone Armor6 Bones + 3 Cloth
Lizard SkinNo recipe required
Warsuit1 Raccoon Skin + 4 Boar Skin + 6 Deer Skin + 1 Rabbit Fur + 2 Cloth + 2 Rope
Snowshoes5 Sticks + 2 Rope
Rabbit Fur Boots3 Rabbit Fur + 2 Rope

Pouch2x Rabbit Fur
Stick BagRabbit Fur + 2x Rope + 3x Cloth
Rock BagBoar Skin + 3x Rope + Cloth
Throwable Rock BagRabbit Fur + Rope
Quiver3x Rabbit Fur + Rope
Spear Bag2x Boar Skin + 2x Deer Skin + 2x Cloth + 3x Rope
Water Skin2x Deer Skin + Rope

StorageItems Materials
Water Skin1 Rope + 2 Deer Skin
Pouch2 Rabbit Fur
Stick Bag2 Ropes + 1 Rabbit Fur + 3 Cloth
Rock Bag3 Rabbit Fur + 1 Cloth + 3 Rope
Small Rock Bag1 Rabbit Fur + 1 Rope
Spear Bag2 Boar Skin + 2 Deer Skin + 2 Cloth + 3 Rope
Quiver3 Rabbit Fur + 1 Rope

Herbal Medicine1 Aloe + 1 Marigold
Herbal Medicine+1 Aloe + 1 Marigold + 1 Coneflower
Energy Mix1 Chicory + 1 Coneflower
Energy Mix+1 Chicory + 1 Coneflower + 1 Aloe

Weapon Upgrades Speed Upgrade1 Feather + 1 Tree Sap + 1 Weapon = Speed ++ / Damage –
Damage Upgrade1 Tooth + 1 Tree Sap + 1 Weapon = Damage ++ / Speed –
Damage+ Upgrade1 Booze + 1 Tree Sap + 1 Weapon = Damage ++++ / Speed —
Poison Upgrade4 Twinberries OR Snowberries OR 1 Jack OR Amanita Mushroom + 1 Weapon
Flashlight Upgrade1 Flashlight + 1 Electrical Tape + ANY Bow OR Chainsaw OR Flintlock Pistol
Fire Upgrade1 Cloth + 1 Weapon

The Forest Tips And Tricks:

You cannot run carelessly in the forest without any weapons or tricks. We are sure you will die within a day. Want to fight and live in the bigger and worse forest then, you got to follow some rules!

Here are some of the general The Forest tips which might help you in the gameplay:

  • In the initial hours of the game, don’t attack enemy units because it will intensify them. Later, things will get out of hand when they send more groups of mutants to check who took their stuff from their brethren.
  • In the woods, always watch out your back from enemies, and when you stumble upon enemy patrol, use the sneaking mechanic to hide.
  • If you feel like you are in unsafe surroundings, then move ahead while crouching to slip by unnoticed.
  • Do not move out of your camp after the sun sets unless it is urgent. And entering enemy patrol with your flashlights, lighter, or flares will attract the enemies.
  • Pay attention to the psychological needs of the player – giving food and water to give him more energy, and wash the blood from the hands or else it will lead to hypothermia, infection, or even worse.
  • You can wash your hands from the blood by stepping in the rain, jumping in the water, and taking a deep dive.
  • Don’t stay in the rain for too long find a shelter or a roofed space and stand next to any heat source, or else your character will suffer from hypothermia.
  • If you do not want the number of enemies to increase to more powerful, aggressive, and cannibalistic ones, then stop conflicts and avoid fighting at any cost.
  • You can pick up the leftover elements of your defeated cannibals to frighten your opponents.
  • After defeating a cannibal, make sure to look for his fallen tooth, which can be later used to upgrade your equipment.
  • You can kill deer, crocodiles, and lizards with well-crafted armor and use their skin to create better armor.
  • Do not depend on the Plane Axe because there are many great axes you can create or find in the game.
  • Craft the Warmsuit to stay warm during the rainy night because you don’t wanna drive the cannibal’s attention at night by using fire.
  • Press the ‘L’ button (lighter) to light up the crafted arrow.

To kill animals, you will need weapons, right? Wondering what it can be? Let’s know more!

What Is The Strongest Weapon In The Forest

Then get your answers related to weapons in the next section of this read. crafting a Guide to the Forest

Best Weapons:

From Axes and Melee to Ranged and Projectiles, you can get various weapons in The Forest. Want to know some of the coolest weapons of this game? Then below, you can check out the list of some of the best ones to use in The Forest:

the forest crafting guide

1. Crafted Club

The Crafted Club is a melee weapon, which is a slow weapon with average stats. It has a speed of 2 and will deal 7 damage per hit.

Want to know what’s impressive about this weapon? forest crafting guide

Crafted Club is very efficient and easy to craft as well. All it needs is a Skull and a Stick.

2. Modern Axe

The second one is Modern Axe, which isn’t a great weapon but does help you in cutting down trees. Just like Crafted Club, it deals 7 damage. But what makes this weapon better than the previous one is its speed of 5. Wondering, where to find it?

Well, players can obtain it inside the Hanging Cave.

3. Katana

Next up is the Katana, a melee weapon, which deals 5 1/4 damage per hit. Its speed is 7 ¼ which helps you to swing very fast. 

The best thing about Katana is that you can slash your enemies at once. Besides, this weapon can be found in the Dead Cave.

4. Upgraded Spear

Moving onto the Upgraded Spear, which acts as an arranged weapon, melee, and tool. It is best for fighting against single targets, but the worst things about it is that it can’t block any attacks.

Coming to the stats, it has a speed of 8 and deals 6 damage per hit.  

5. Modern Bow

The next one is Modern Bow which fires arrows as ammunition. This weapon is The Forest’s best armor available, which has various types of arrows like Normal Arrows, Poison Arrows, Fire Arrows, and Bone Arrows.

If we compare the Modern Bow to the Crafted Bow, the former has high accuracy, faster arrow speed, higher damage, and longer range. crafting the forest

Now, you must be contemplating, “How do you craft better weapons in the forest?

Things To Craft As Soon As Possible In The Forest:

Once you step into the mysterious jungle, you need to be very cautious and ready to face your enemies. You cannot beat them without weapons, can you? So for that, you will need the best items to craft, right?

So here is the list of items you need to craft first:

  • Crafted Bow
  • Upgraded Spear
  • Bone Armor
  • Water Skin
  • Stick Bag
  • Fire Pit
  • Water Collector
  • Drying Rack
  • Log Sled
  • Deadfall Trap

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Craft In The Forest?

Ans. Crafting in The Forest does not have a complex definition. It simply means that your character can create new items by combining one or two materials.

To craft a better weapon:

  • Right-click and put all the essential components of the weapon in the middle of the inventory.
  • Once a gear appears, right-click on it to create the weapon or any desired item. For example, you can create an Upgraded Spear by taking three bones, two clothes, and a Weak Spear.

Ain’t it easy?


We did our part by explaining all the details about this game, now, it’s your turn to go and polish your skills. So get ready to fend off the mutants and cannibals by following all our tips and tricks from The Forest crafting guide. Make sure to steer clear of open spaces while creating a shelter.

Enjoy your game, mate!

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