The History of the Arcade Games


An arcade game also referred to as a coin-op. It is a recreation coin-run machine that is positioned in a collective business area, for instance, a hotel, an amusement arcade or a bar. Many of the arcade games are pinball machines, electro-mechanical, merchandisers or redemption games.

The-History-of -the-Arcade-Games
The-History-of -the-Arcade-Games

 As the definite date discussed, the golden era of video games is characterized at a time starting the late 70’s and ending during the mid 80. Shutting out a brief revival during the early 90s, the arcade game industry then diminished in the western hemisphere as the contending home game, for example, Microsoft Xbox and Sony Play station and reduced in price.

Back in the year, 1971 individuals at Stanford University designed the Galaxy game, a coin-run video game model. This is marked as the earliest recognized coin run game. In the same year, Nolan Bushnell later designed the first commonly known Mass-created video game.

 Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney in 1972  designed Atari that specifically discovered the coin-run video game production inclusive of the game Pong that was invented in November 1972. Pong emerged to become common, but impressionist assisted to maintain Atari from being a tyrant in the gaming industry.

The demise of the arcade might have highly been overstated, but the truth about them being a less important section in the field of gaming than they were in the earlier days. Until the year 1982, the video arcade field was generating so much income than other fields such as Hollywood and Pop music.

Popular Arcade games 


Berzerk was introduced first in the year 1980 in Chicago by the Stern Electronics, It is a multi-way shooter, and among the commonly known variety of a maze game, that participants have to maneuver through the maze as they shoot their opponents. Gamers dominate a green stick man which is a feature that was standard in the year 1980.

By the use of a laser gun manipulated utilizing a fire button and a jo stick the green stick man is swayed. The main goal of the game is to concur with the maze and find a way out. There are extra points awarded to the player if he proofs to be no match to the Evil Otto that is a smiley face enemy that cannot be murdered.

This game was popularly known but with time there was malfunctioning in the make-up design with the joystick. The stern Electronics was disappointed by the more than 4000 canceled orders because of the reviews made about the product. But after a while, the company fixed the problem and the year 1982 the game was among the top-best recognized till now.

Robotron: 2084

Twin-stick shooters are a commonly known variety in the indie field during the era of 2005 when Geometry wars disappointed players and one similar thing in all these games have a huge debt from the Eugene Jarvis 1982.

Robotron basically discovered twin-stick Shooter as commonly referred to. Robotron is set to the year 2084 where it is believed to be the era of robots with no humanity. This game instructs you to fight and save the only surviving human family. This game has sold 23000 arcade consoles over time, this game is no match to the popularly known Asteroids in terms of sales but still, it has created a reputable name for its brand and nowadays seen as a great game.

Dragon’s Lair

It was invented back in the year 1983. The Dragon liar game was characterized as the best because of revolutionalizing the gaming industry financially. Including animation from Disney made this game to be extraordinary and unique and there was no game that could beat these features. Although gamers have no full control over the characters in the game, as they are manipulated through the QTE the game is still interesting.

 Cinematronics improved the features of the game by utilizing the LaserDisc which provided high storage capacity. There was no match for this game back in the year 1983. It has continually proved to be effective and successful.


This game was designed based on the popular King characteristics of the syndicate Strips and the featured shorts and was basically created and introduced by Nintendo. 

In a thickening plot, Nintendo had to utilize the character Popeye in the game and would replace the Donkey Kong but had issues getting the character’s license during the designing of the game. Having the sight of the Donkey’s influence in the character Popeye, increased the demand of the game.

Moreover, the main variance between the two characters is that there is no jump option for Popeye, the only available options are the punch which is quite flexible making the game more interesting.

Missile Command

Is there a better way of making the cold war period interesting than game-flying it? The Missile command that was included in the arcade publication of 1980 by Atari that gives the participants the control of defending towns against violent attacks of missiles. 

The attack achieved by transferring a crosshair in the background of the sky then utilize counter-missiles from the batteries to kill the enemy. There is a limited number of batteries therefore the player should use the missiles wisely.

If the batteries are no more then, your city is attacked. With time this game has grown globally and is opted for its resource management lessons.

There are games that have made it through the change of time and adjusted technologically as centuries pass, their flexibility has increased its effectivity. These arcade games fulfilling the player’s needs giving them that thrilling experience.

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