The Impact of Social Media on Australian Gambling Behaviour


Description: This article gives you an overview of the main interactions between social media and the gambling industry. Find out in detail about the changes online casinos are undergoing thanks to the internet. 

Social Media and its Impact on People’s Lives

The ideal way to promote and build brand awareness is through social media. More than 50 percent of the world’s population uses the internet for various needs in life. The average number of times each user goes online has been calculated. This number was found to be two hours and twenty-five minutes. All brands are trying to create recognizable and attractive ads that can attract as many users as possible. Gambling is no exception. There are many gambling games on a variety of subjects on the Internet, which are in demand also thanks to the Internet. 

At the moment you can highlight the most popular social networks. They are facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube and tik tok. It is only recently that the last of these social networking sites has appeared online, but in such a short period of time, it has managed to become the most popular among young people.

Thanks to analytics, platforms can predict where there will be more demand for a particular advertisement, for example, Facebook is used by adults who are older, and tic-toc is designed for teenagers. 

The Role of Social Media

Gambling actively uses social media for many functions. They can be used to attract a large audience that will be interested in the product as well as produce other interactions. 


Social media promotion for gambling is the most profitable . This is because online casinos are fully adapted for the internet. And it cannot be played in a traditional casino. This means that advertising on the street will be totally ineffective. However, on the internet, when a person sees a bright advertisement and can at the same moment try something it gives him more incentive to take action. 


Online casinos can communicate with their players through social media. It is the social networking profiles that allow the player to ask questions and get answers instantly. This type of communication with technical support is the most convenient and effective compared to others. 

  • Two-way communication is possible through : 
  • Survey;
  • Communities in social networks;
  • Transmission of information in real time.


When comparing the advertising on television, banners on the street and the Internet. The latter is the most advantageous option. Internet users see more than a dozen advertisements a day. And the most interesting for them to use in the future. Due to the low cost of advertising, the gambling industry is able to actively target. 

Streaming Information

Social media can be streamed live, for example an online casino that publishes a new and interesting game for the first time can conduct a crash test live. This would interest the players and bring more customers to the site. In such cases, viewers ask questions and the software providers of the game in question answer them. 

Some people prefer to make announcements. Such a simple action can get even more viewers interested. 

Social media groups

There are a huge number of online casinos in the world. Because of this there is always a strong competition between them. Each platform strives to create such conditions that will be the most interesting and profitable for the player. Everyone has long been accustomed to welcome bonuses and promotions. A loyalty programme is a good move, as it doesn’t just give mediocre bonuses, players have the opportunity to win huge prizes. 

But that doesn’t always help in attracting players either. So gambling sites embed social networking groups on their websites. Every way to motivate people to subscribe to them, such as free spins for signing up to instagram and so on. 

So even if a person completes their session and decides to stop for a while, they have a constant reminder of the casino. Which could possibly motivate him to visit the platform again. 

Social Media Surveys

This type of interaction with the audience is most used on Twitter. Gambling sites post polls and ask players to vote. This simple action helps operators get to know people better. With their help, they can understand the needs, shortcomings and add what the player would like to see on the site. In this way a simple click or mini message helps in creating an ideal playground.

The Best Gambling Platform in Australia

If you’ve been on the lookout for the best online casino for a long time, then be sure to check out Kingjohnnie casino. The site was launched in 2020. And for a long time has been creating an ideal environment for players. Here everyone can take advantage of a large and diverse collection of games, lucrative promotional offers and convenient payment methods. 

The platform is completely legal. The owner of the company has obtained an official Curacao license even before opening the casino. It guarantees the safety of the casino. And the government that issued it carefully monitors all the activities of the operator and players to prevent fraud. 

The latest 256-bit ssl encryption is used to protect data from intruders. Thanks to this encryption all personal data and transaction information is kept secret from third parties forever. 

Players with neurological disorders or those who at any time feel that they are changing can always use Responsible Gambling. Thanks to this feature, you can immediately get professional psychological help and avoid becoming addicted. 

Gaming Lobby

If you count all the games that exist on the platform the number is 2000+. Here you can choose among highly functional games which have been created by the best software providers. All the games are divided into categories, the most popular being : 

  • Top 30;
  • New games;
  • Blackjack;
  • Video poker;
  • Classic Slots;
  • Roulette;
  • Board games;
  • Jackpot;
  • Live Casino.

Bonus offers

There are several types of bonuses available to you. The most popular of them are the welcome bonuses . They can be picked up immediately after registration. This process will not take you long and you will be able to start playing immediately. The welcome pack bonuses can be picked up in 10 steps. Each step comes after a deposit has been made. The total amount of prizes is A$6,000 and 200 free spins.

In addition to the welcome bonuses, players often use the last games promotion. Due to the fact that king johnnie casino is constantly expanding and adding new games. This promotion was created, it allows the player to make 10 free spins on newly added games. They can usually be found under “new games”. 

For a complete list of bonus offers, go to kingjohnnie casino’s official website.

Mobile Version

Players who are constantly on the road and rarely stay at home can use the mobile version of the site. There is no need to download an app to use it. All you have to do is log in to the official site. After that, the software will be immediately rebuilt for your mobile phone. 

Immediately think about a stable connection. After all, it is responsible for the speed of the gameplay. 


The 21st century has long been called the age of technology. Mainly thanks to the emergence of the latest devices and the Internet on them. But these two conditions have led to a highly competitive environment, where there is always a struggle for primacy. Social networking sites are the perfect helpers that enable the best of the best to develop and come up with strategies and always stay ahead of the rest of the curve.

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