The Old School Runescape Nuke


The ultimate (but troublesome) PvP one-shot kill

After reading this article, you’ll be wary of random ‘weak’ accounts rushing toward another character. This tactic is a clever use of the Prayer spell ‘Retribution’ which deals damage in the area surrounding a character’s death. While simple to understand, the execution is somewhat complicated, so make sure to take down notes. It will take much OSRS gold and time to fully utilize this tactic.

Here’s how you can have your own PvP nuke.

The Setup

By itself, one character using Retribution won’t do much damage. The spell’s damage is based on the character’s Prayer level. Specifically, it takes about a fourth of your Prayer level as damage, rounded down. To illustrate, having a character with level 48 Prayer will deal about 12 damage.

Another thing to note about the spell is that Retribution will not trigger itself. You can’t have it start a chain reaction. Sure, the other characters will die, but the spell won’t activate.

With those two things in mind, to utilize the tactic, you’ll need to make several alternate accounts. Raise their prayer levels up to your desired level (preferably a multiple of 4), and set them loose. Snare your target and have your alts gather around. Detonate them with any attack with splash damage, and you’ve got your nuke.

A Proof of Concept

The creator of this tactic took it further. He set out to kill the Corporeal Beast with one detonation of Retribution. Through some trial and error and a bit of research, he figured out some key facts about the beast.

The Old School Runescape Nuke
The Old School Runescape Nuke
  • It heals to full if everybody leaves the room
  • It has a passive healing ability that scales with how many people in the room
  • It will follow the character who took its aggro even after they exit the room
  • You can add Recoil and Vengeance damage to increase the output

With all his research done, he finally had a plan. He’d calculated that he’d need 61 accounts, each of them with at least 48 Prayer and 31 HP after eating an Anglerfish. They all have a Ring of Recoil and Vengeance activated to deal the most damage in one shot.

Once he was ready, he enlisted the help of some friends to control the rest of the accounts. They set out to the lair of the Corporal Beast. An army of 62 nuke accounts and his main account to lure the boss marched toward the area. (The extra one is just to make sure the room won’t be empty and Corp heals to full.)

He first lured Corp near the entrance and had the 61 nuke accounts assemble in a single tile nearby. Then he had the beast move toward the group to get them in range of its stomp. Lo and behold, it did its death animation and disappeared. They did it once more just to prove it could be done, and the same thing happened again!


On paper, it looks like a simple tactic to defeat PKers. In practice, you have to juggle several accounts and spend loads of time training them up. It’s actually too much trouble for one person to set up. Things might be easier if you find some OSRS Gold sell sites that offer trained accounts. However, you should decide whether it’s worth it first.

No matter what you decide, continue enjoying OSRS!

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