How to Easily Find the Right Components for Your Desktop Computer

    How to Easily Find the Right Components for Your Desktop Computer
    How to Easily Find the Right Components for Your Desktop Computer

    Buying a finished computer is very convenient and easy. Many computer shops have finished products just sitting on the shelves. All you have to do is get there, choose the one you like, and pay for it. Even though this is simple and easy, it doesn’t leave you with a lot of options. What you see is what you get. For example, if you don’t like the processor they selected, you can’t change it. Sounds bad, right? Well, fortunately, there’s a simple solution.

    If you’re looking for something specific, you can buy the components separately and build your computer from scratch. This is a bit more complicated process, but it allows you to build the perfect machine for your professional, entertainment, or gaming purposes. If you haven’t done this before, you might not know where to look or what to buy. Don’t worry, building a computer is much easier than it seems.

    Here’s what you have to do.

    Do Your Research First

    Having a reliable computer can make your life much simpler. However, a good computer can cost a lot of money. Therefore, it’s very important that you do thorough research before you buy the PC components. There are many websites where you can do this. For example, if you go to, you will find a lot of interesting information about gaming and building your PC. This data will help you choose the perfect components for your machine.

    The Most Important Components You Have To Consider

    It doesn’t matter if it’s used for business or for gaming, an average computer has a lot of parts. Some are big, some are small. Some are crucial, some are less important. Today we are going to talk about the most important components you have to consider when building your computer.


    The processor or the central processing unit (CPU) is the most important component. You should think of it as the brain of your machine. Therefore, choosing the right one is paramount. The two most popular processors used these days are, of course, Intel and AMD. Both of these manufacturers have a lot of different models to offer you. However, we won’t pick the model for you because we don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. One thing you should know, though, is that the processors with a lot of cores and threads perform better.

    Another thing you need to keep an eye on is that your processor is compatible with your motherboard. Processors fit into sockets located on motherboards. Therefore, the motherboard has to have the appropriate number of pins or holes. (Intel uses pins, AMD uses holes). This is also known as the socket standard.


    The processor might be the brain of your computer, but the motherboard represents the nervous system. This component distributes all the commands the CPU sends to all the other components in your PC.

    This is why you have to choose the motherboard that has a fast response rate.

    How to Easily Find the Right Components for Your Desktop Computer
    How to Easily Find the Right Components for Your Desktop Computer

    You can find a cheap, but good motherboard for about $100. This, of course, would be one of the AMD chipsets. For example, B450 or X470 model. When it comes to Intel’s cheaper options, there are models like Z370 or Z390. The most common motherboard brands are ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte.

    Again, choosing the model depends on your requirements, but these are some of the most affordable ones on the market.


    Your PC requires good memory processing to work properly. Therefore, to help your processor, you have to buy good and reliable RAM modules. These days, a typical RAM capacity for an average PC is around 16GB.

    Buying RAM is easy, but you have to make sure that the frequency of the RAM module is compatible with your motherboard. You should always try to balance timings and clock speeds for the better and smoother performance of your PC.


    You might think that the case is not one of the most important parts of the PC, but you would be wrong. The case dictates which components you can install, what are the storage options for you, and what cooling equipment you can buy.

    There is one more reason why choosing the right case is very important. Every time you decide to clean or replace your components, you will have to go through the case. Therefore, a good case can make your life easier and simpler.

    Building a PC can be complicated, but if you do your research, you will make yourself a perfect machine.


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