Things You’ll Love and Hate About Fortnite

Things You'll Love and Hate About Fortnite
Things You'll Love and Hate About Fortnite

After spending the lockdown playing it

The lockdown has got us all on edge. The plague (at this point, it qualifies as one) presses on us, clouding the atmosphere with an undefined danger. Playing games like Fortnite takes a bit of the edge off. However, it never completely gets our mind off the cloud of doom hanging over us. Then again, what else can we do when stuck at home?

Here are some things you might find you love or hate about the game even more, after all the hours spent playing it and collecting Fortnite item shop. Individual experience may vary, so don’t worry if you don’t agree with everything said in this article.

Your Growth (or lack of it)

Practice makes perfect, and every hour you spend playing is a step closer to that. Other times, it’ll feel that you’re either stagnating or altogether taking a step or two back. However, progress is never a straight line, and a step back doesn’t exactly mean you got worse. Maybe it’s you figuring out that your expectations aren’t necessarily in line with reality. Otherwise, you could be realizing that you have to be better, or have a higher standard of yourself.

After almost a month, you could be elated at how far you’ve come, or whine and complain about how bad you are. It’s all in how you look at it. Perspective!

A Winning or Losing Streak

Despite your perception of your growth, your actual experience might contradict it. A winning streak just when you’re doing worse. A losing streak when you thought you peaked. Somehow, winning or losing, it just gets old.

Things You'll Love and Hate About Fortnite
Things You’ll Love and Hate About Fortnite

You’d start to think there was no challenge or everything’s too challenging. If it’s gotten to that point, you may need a break. Play something else, or stop playing altogether.

Same Old, Same Old

No matter what you think, at its core, all Fortnite rounds are the same. Everybody tries to win the Victory Royale, outbuilding and shooting each other. There are also seeing the same characters with different players all the time. Skins from the Fortnite item shop only offer so much variety. Then you win or you lose. Again and again, and again. It gets old, sooner or later.

There’s the Creative Mode where you could do something else for a little bit. Yet, sometimes you don’t feel like it. Or maybe you like the predictability of the routine.

Have Fun!

Games are here for entertainment. Playing is supposed to be fun, but if it stops being fun, you’ll just pile up the stress on yourself. However, that doesn’t mean you force yourself to play more. Step back and take a break. Maybe fun became a lesser priority than getting better. Otherwise, you could be in a slump, as that’s not just for writers or artists. If you find yourself in one, the best thing to do is to take a break. Stay away from your console or PC, the same as one of the last sections. ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’, as they say. Also, ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’.

Then again, you could be having the time of your life. By all means, enjoy it! Find the little things that brighten up your day in this dreary period of uncertainty. Love or hate the game, please take care of yourself and your mental health. Stay inside, wash your hands, and be safe!


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