Top 10 Football Games On PC


    If you ask football fans, they will tell you how enticing and addictive playing their favorite game on PC is. Controlling your most followed players, forming teams, and showcasing footballing skills is indeed an adrenaline rush for the fans. Going head to head and trashing your friends over a game of football is a unique joy indeed!

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    Football Manager

    If you are not the biggest fan of virtually running around the field, this game can be an exciting alternative for you. Be a manager and buy and sell players to craft your dream team. Strategize your team’s formations, tactics and execute almost every action that a real football manager does. Also, you can start a new club all by yourself and nurture its growth to greatness.

    FIFA 2019

    Although each annual release of FIFA video games has its characteristic features, the majority of FIFA fans would agree that the 2019 version is a step ahead in captivating the players with fluid gameplay. Our experts review this game as one of the best ones out there made for PC.

    Kopinato All-Stars

    Unlike the conventional football gaming experience, this arcade game comes with additional superpowers for the players. The learning curve is smooth as butter, with just enough customization options that lead to a fun gameplay experience. The minimalist nature of the game makes you play it over and over to your heart’s delight.

    PES 2006

    Almost the whole football gaming community might have played the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2006. The Konami gaming company dominated the era, and it introduced every fine facet of player characteristics (Strengths and Weaknesses) into the game. 

    Sensible World Of Soccer

    This game is likely to bring massive nostalgia to the 90s kids as the game came in different variants, including the Mega Drive version of 1992. It is one of the vintage and evergreen football games still in the memories of the players. Unfortunately, the game development stopped a while ago. You can still download the 1996 DOS version of  SENSIBLE WORLD OF SOCCER ’96/’97 from gaming sites.

    FIFA 2015

    The debate on whether FIFA 2015 was the best FIFA game until 2019 went on for those four years in the middle. All those fan tussles apart, it is undeniably one of the top ten best PC football video games to be ever made, along with the introduction of the Premier League License. 

    Football Strike

    This is a free-to-play game more suited to the casual gamer category. It does offer an engaging experience for those players who don’t prefer extensive detailing and authenticity in the game. The graphics can not be compared to the other games on this list. But it is still worth a shot for simulation. The official licensing is also missing in this game which can be a factor that dilutes the game’s immersion.

    Pure Football 2018

    Be a coach, a player, or a manager in Pure Football. The ability to assign different roles is one of the main differentiators of this game. However, the most prominent contrast is that the games are set in the 1930s, giving a unique and historic gaming experience.

    Red Card

    This is a less popular game released in 2002. However, there is no shortage of fun as any form of tackling, and aggression is allowed. If you enjoy some violence in the gameplay, Red Card is the one for you. Despite being sparsely popular among the gaming community, it was still played and discussed in smaller circles.

    NFL Blitz

    If you prefer the American version of football instead of the European version, NFL Blitz is the one for you. The gameplay is intense and aggressive, with the presence of featured teams to choose from. 

    The sheer love and affection towards the game of football are large enough a driver to take forward this sub-genre within the sporting PC gaming category.


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