Top 10 games to play with parents at home

Top 10 games to play with parents at home
Top 10 games to play with parents at home

The generation gap is one of the common and the biggest problems of the today’s world. Children love to play games on play stations and computers. On the other hand, parents feel that distance is increasing among them and kids.

For this reason, I have gathered top 10 games to play with the parents at home. All of them are full of fun and knowledge. Not only that, but they will also help in an effective communication with a tinme spending without mobile phones and computers.
You can also add some other in the list, with some family nicknames of the games. So, be ready to spend a weekend at home and playing simply interesting games with the parents.
Here the fun begins!

  • Scrabble

Scrabble is one of the best games to play with the parents. People of all the age groups enjoy the game. It is actually a vocabulary game, which needs intelligence and creativity.
You just need a board, some racks, and the scrabble alphabets. All the values of the alphabets contain a specific value, which combines after making a word. And do you know, some kids are too good at vocabulary that they even beat their parents in the game. It is undoubtedly too much fun.

Top 10 games to play with parents at home
Top 10 games to play with parents at home
  • Hang-man

Hang-man is an informative paper and pencil game. It requires a lot of knowledge and a good vocabulary. In this game, each team thinks of a country, city, animal, or a picnic place. It gives some hints to the opposite team and challenges them to get the answer. The team has 6 chances to get the answer until the man hangs completely.
It is also a superb game to play with the parents at home (You will also come to know the level of knowledge of your mum and dad)

  • Buildings and Lego

Buildings and Lego is the all-time favorite and top game to play with the parents. You can build whatever you want. Similarly, you can also compete with your parents by challenging them to build something better than you.
It is an interesting game for the engineer brains.

  •  Mimicries and skits

A lot of people love mimicries and skits. It is a full indoor fun and entertainment to enjoy with your parents. All of you can make a skit on any of the writer’s play. For example, you can take Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice” and assign each character to all family members.
Similarly, mimicries are also very interesting. You can ask your parents to do mimicry of their parents, boss, or their least favorite teacher. You can also add playing funny memes on the family jokes.

  •    Trivia Quiz

Personally, in my childhood, I was very fond of playing Trivia Quiz with my parents. We played science trivia questions, sports trivia quizzes, and the geography trivia. They were full of knowledge and we were never bored of these games.

  •   Family tree games

It is another top game to play with the parents. Most of the people are not too good at remembering the family trees. For this reason, it is a nice game to remember the nobility, history, and bonds of the family.

  •  Memory games

Another favorite game of mine and sissy’s is memory games. We put more than 25 things on the table, watch them, and memorize them for five seconds. After that, each of us including our parents writes the name of the things they remembered. The winner was always awarded a Kit Kat.

  • Puzzles

Solving puzzles and riddles is also one of the top 10 games to play with the parents. Such games help us to better understand each other and communicate effectively.

  • Card games

Card games are also interesting and entertaining. There is no need to play for the money, but for long-lasting fun and enjoyment. ONO and Monopoly are some of the best card games.

  •  Hide or seek

If you don’t wanna sit and play, then hide and seek is the best option to play with your parents. You can hide behind the curtain, under the table or sofa, or even in the bathroom and one player has to search for all the other players. It is fun and exercise too.  


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