Top 10 Reasons for the Popularity of MMA


MMA is undoubtedly the fastest growing sport in the world. It does make sense because it is one sport that hasn’t been around for long. James, an assignment help tutor with TFTH, says that he would any day prefer MMA over NASCAR or NHL. Well, it isn’t just James who believes so. A prominent study reveals that amongst people between the age of 18-34, MMA is significantly more popular than all the other sports.

Though there’s no doubt about the popularity of MMA, there are confusions regarding what it that’s making MMA so accessible is. Here, we have listed out some possible reasons for the popularity of MMA. These are in no particular order of preference.  


When MMA received recognition as an organized sport, it wasn’t allowed a PPV (Pay Per View). One man behind the entire lobbying of the FCC was John McCain, the Republican politician. He always wanted to keep MMA off PPV. Understanding that things weren’t right for them, MMA leagues started organizing their fighters into institute regulations and weight classes to make mixed martial arts more palatable. As a result of this significant change, mixed martial arts moved out of the underground circuit and was out in the mainstream. 

Fantasy MMA and Gambling

Back in the day, boxing was the go-to fighting sport for the Vegas odds-makers. However, now MMA is taking charge. Today betting on MMA is one of the growing businesses, and there are many fantasy MMA websites, which have now made it easier than ever before to bet on the MMA fights. 

UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship

The MMA promotions, such as StrikeForce and PRIDE, did generate a humongous buzz amongst the audience. Andy, an assignment help provider who offers English essay writing services, with a top-rated platform called EduWorldUSA, says that there’s no ounce of doubt that it is UFC, which has put MMA on the map of professional sports in the US. Ultimate Fighting Championship started in 1993. After a couple of buyouts, UFC has today landed right at the top MMA promotion globally. 

Social media

When MMA received recognition as a mainstream sport, the Internet’s age and era had just started. Back then, social media was not an integral part of our lives. However, today, times have changed. Now, athletes, regardless of the sport they belong to, including Mixed Martial Arts, have their accounts on almost all the social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Not just that, most of them have a dedicated and growing fan base. Zack, a university freshman student, who recently reached out to TAE for the online do my homework service, says that he is an MMA fanatic, and follows all his favourite MMA players on Twitter and Instagram.  

Availability of Training

Years ago, it was hard to find gyms, which would train people in MMA. Back then, even if specialized training was available, it was only limited to karate and taekwondo. However, now things have changed dramatically. Today, you can easily find UFC gyms, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu gyms, and several other art form specific gyms that train MMA lovers in traditional combative arts. These include forms, such as kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, as well as a few other specialized forms used by the MMA fighters. Training also includes boxing which is very easy to learn. You may actually try and start training yourself at home especially if you have the right equipment like Power Punch Pro. The more you get ready at home, the more it’ll be easier to train for other martial arts.


Though MMA has always been cross-cultural, the launch of professional WMMA promotions, such as Invicta and the introduction of several weight classes, opened the gates of MMA for several athletes. You can find both male and female fighters of all shapes and sizes, fighting and making a living out of it. It is hopeful that with time, the number of weight classes will only go up and never come down. 

Better understanding of the MMA

Given that today MMA is a mainstream sport and its rules and regulations are more detailed, it is now more natural for the fans and the audiences to better understand the game. Back then, what was seen as a blood sport by the politicians and critics, is now appreciated by fans globally. Justin, a professional working with TrumpLearning, says that because he knows the rules, he understands and acknowledges the degree of technical skill required for someone to be a pro-MMA fighter, and, thus, he appreciates the sport better.  

Higher promotion

Nowadays, organizations like Bellator and UFC are working hard to ensure that MMA is out there in the public domain for more and more people to see it. From the aggressive multi-channel campaigns to the reality shows which present the different fighters, the promotions today are higher than ever before. 

Sponsorship deals 

Though almost all the athletes in the sports sector have adequate sponsorship deals, the fighters of MMA have taken things to a different level. Be it the public appearances for which the athletes get paid thousands of dollars or walking out in shirts and shorts that they wear for the fights, MMA fighters know how to represent the brands, and they do it better than any other athlete.  


Big networks, such as FoxSports1, AXSTV, and Spike, run and rerun the MMA fights on the weekends. Thus, the sport is more accessible for the audience. 


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