Top 3 best gaming routers in 2020

Top 3 best gaming routers in 2020
Top 3 best gaming routers in 2020

As a matter of fact, if you want the best gaming experience, then you need to go for quality routers. The best gaming routers in the market are fast and reliable.  Here comes the challenge! How to know the best gaming routers in 2020? 

Off course for most gamers, this is a huge challenge. Sorting through various products can discourage you from playing your favourite games.

Never mind, in a short while, you will be happy you stumbled on this page. We are about to reveal to you the best 3 gaming routers in 2020.

The cons will be listed here if any.

  1. Asus RT – AX88U – Best priced router

If you are looking for a high-end router, then go for Asus RT-AX88U. Apart from being impressive and reliable, it is affordable. It makes use of the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology. This feature supports link aggregation. It also has an advanced Adaptive QoS which comes with a Trend Micro antivirus. 

Interestingly, the Trend Micro antivirus comes with a subscription that will last for the lifetime of the router. This router has an impressive speed of 5GHz. Consequently, this is what makes the whole difference. If you are gaming in a congested area, this router will subdue all the competition. 

Furthermore, coupled with all the amazing features it comes with, the price is $346. With all the benchmarks, this router is worth the price.

Top 3 best gaming routers in 2020
Top 3 best gaming routers in 2020


  • It has an 802.11 ax tech
  • The adaptive QoS is great
  • Awesome 5GHz speed


Expensive for regular players

  1. TP-Link Archer C5400X – First runner up

TP-Link is a significant improvement from other models. Not to mention it ranks among the top gaming routers in the world. Can you imagine the kind of speed it offers? It’s a truly awesome and dependable router. If not for a few reasons, this router is supposed to be the best router on this review. Other amazing features include an amazing setup and handling.

Also, it provides the option to blacklist or whitelist any device. At 2.4GHz speed, it produces between 117 Mbps and 112 Mbps. In our view, this is sort of middling. Meanwhile, at 5GHz, it works perfectly fine.  Therefore, it is marketable and leading in the market.

A little turn off is the lack of a feature that helps in reducing latency. Not to mention, our top router on this review feature. Instead, it offers another nice feature that makes you forget about latency. The ports and antennae are superb. They perform at high frequency. Above all, go for this router, it is cost-efficient and reliable. It goes for an average of $350. This is a highly recommended router that is easy to set up.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Offer quality performance for its price
  • It has 5GHz speed


The 2.GHz speed is not steady; sort of middling

  1. TP-Link Archer C9 – Overall best gaming router

One interesting feature of the TP-Link Archer C9 is the design. It has a glossy white appearance. Similarly, it is vertically shaped. This is a complete difference from the shape the conventional gaming router is known for. In case you didn’t know, most routers are designed in the horizontal shape. In addition, it has a metal kickstand to hold it firmly. 

Are you waiting to hear the price? It will shock you. It goes for around $79 and $110. Don’t be shocked! Haven’t you heard that good thing come in small packages? No wonder most players often patronize the most expensive routers without knowing that the price has nothing to do with the performance most times.

Also, it supports 2 USB ports, Beamforming, 4GB Ethernet ports, and parental controls. Frankly, the performance is impressive and topnotch. The speed of the router is also great. It offers a 5 GHz speed that gets up to 311 Mbps. This router outperforms its size. We can go on and on about this router.

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Top 3 best gaming routers in 2020
Top 3 best gaming routers in 2020

To sum it up, this is the best gaming router in 2020. You don’t need to look elsewhere. 


  • Saves you a lot of space
  • The speed is great
  • Affordable for regular games


The QoS could be enhanced


Now you have seen the top 3 gaming routers, what’s your opinion? The only way to find out if they actually perform up to standard is to purchase it. Don’t worry about the performance; all the information here was thoroughly tested to ensure that you get the best. 

Finally, there are so many routers that are more or less expensive than what has been listed here. From our point of view, most times the prices don’t really matter. The best routers don’t need to be expensive to perform. To sum it up, any of the 3 listed gaming routers will serve their purpose.


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