Top-5 Collaborations of Brands and Esports


Esports are developing dynamically among various sports disciplines. The audience is constantly growing which has not been ignored by famous brands. Major companies sign partnership contracts with esports organizations. It leads to attraction of even more people to the industry and creation of advertising of products. Collaborations contribute to interactions with the community and expanding the audience.

Ralph Lauren + G2 Esports

Last year the esports organization from Europe signed an agreement with a clothing brand from the USA, Ralph Lauren. It started to supply G2 Esports with sports equipment and the main face in the collaboration was Rekkles from League of Legends. This partnership grew into a whole series of various activities on Twitch and TikTok. Alongside, the esportsman from G2 worked with other sportsmen from traditional kinds of sport from brand promotion.

Nike + T1

The poulat footwear and clothing brand started collaborating with one of the biggest esports organizations T1. The partnership started in 2020. The ambassador of the collaboration was Faker from League of Legends. The clothes were also made for the other players of the organization in different disciplines. The partnership agreement started a research where it was found out that physical preparation is related to final results in esports matches. Apart from the clothes and the research, it also gave birth to a commercial video. It raised relevant esports problems.

Philips + Na`Vi 

Philips together with Natus Vincere launched a mutual collaboration. Within collaboration throughout a year, production of the transnational company appeared in various creative materials of esports organization. Philips could be noticed at CSGO events where “Born to Win” participated. There was a special offer on Na`Vi’s site where collected points could be turned into a chance to play with esportsmen and other prizes.

BMW + Fnatic 

The German concern BMW created a new advertising campaign where two players from Fnatic took part in. They had to go on a weekend trip by M3 Competition Saloon. As a result, they released a ten-minute video about esports from the characters.

L’Oreal Paris + The Chiefs

The Australian organization announced collaboration with the cosmetics brand. They produced a cosmetics line for men which was called perfect for professional esportsmen. It helps to hide tiredness and other consequences of playing computer games for a long time.


World brands are actively collaborating with esports. It entails not only partnership agreements with organizations. You can spot famous sponsors at major tournaments, for example, ESL Pro League Season 16. They sign agreements with tournament operators.


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