Top 5 Minecraft Mods to Have Best Adventure in 2018

Top 5 Minecraft Mods to Have Best Adventure in 2018
Top 5 Minecraft Mods to Have Best Adventure in 2018

With the help of decoration mods of Minecraft, you can simply change the whole look of the game. The decoration mods are not the only mods that will turn your simple map into realistic maps. There are many other mods too like shaders.
If you are looking for the top 5 Minecraft mods that are free and can turn your boring game into a different adventure, then you need to consider my following suggestions.

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How about exploring the solar system in your spaceship? Yes, this could be possible with the help of Minecraft mod called “Galacticraft”, If you are done with the crafting on Earth and want to explore other planets then you need to download and installed the Galacticraft mod. This mod has introduced 4 dimensions that are based on planets in our solar system; Mars, Moon, Space Station and Asteroids. The latest version of this mod has also added new destination called Venus. Other than decoration, you will also get two space vehicles for travel by installing this Minecraft mod.

Pixelmon Mod

The Pixelmon Mod is one of the most popular mods of Minecraft and it should be. There are very few mods of the Minecraft which comes up with hundreds of new changes, vehicles, weapons, and characters. The Pixelmon Mod will add more than 600 critters to your game including options of hundreds of new weapon. It will instantly turn your Minecraft into an advanced version of Pokémon game. This mod will give you the Gameplay experience as it will also enhance the graphics and improves the colors of the game.



Looking for free Minecraft props to take the decoration of your Minecraft to whole new level? Download the free Decocraft mod which will instantly add so many new props, items, furniture, blocks, bricks and silverware to your game. The Decocraft comes up with a verity of decorating items to build new things and bring life to your existing building by adding colorful furniture and changing the colors of blocks and bricks etc. The decoration items are not limited to buildings only but you can also decorate gardens, bridges and your stores etc.

Arpenter’s Blocks

This is one of the oldest Minecraft decoration mod but still popular due to nice and cute graphics, easy to use and the number of free decoration items which will become part of your game once you install this free mod which is also known as the cosmetic mod of Minecraft. This mod will turn ordinary decoration items of Minecraft into outstanding decoration items whether its planks, sand, dirt, bricks and ordinary blocks etc. This mod will give the new shape to your existing block by changing the styles and shapes of blocks.

Minecraft Shaders Mod

Other than general decoration mods, there are thousands of free Minecraft shader mods available. Instead of adding new characters, vehicles, weapons, decoration items the shader mods will enhance the quality of existing items. The shader mod has the function to even change the color scheme of very ordinary and small items to give totally new feelings to the player.


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