Top tips to be followed by the freelance animators to make huge money


    As a freelance animator, there could be many times when you might find a slowdown in the workflow. This is one of the major drawbacks the freelance market goes through every season. During such times, sustaining can be a great difficulty because you might not find any other source of income, especially if you just have one core skill related to the animation.

    However, making money as an animator is certainly not a difficult thing at all, especially as a freelancer. There are millions of ways why you can attract the work from and start making a huge amount of profits exactly likes a full-time worker or beyond that. You can know more about those tips that can help you to make a huge amount of money as a freelance animation expert.

    • Photography can become your parallel profession

    As an animator, you would certainly have a lot of scopes to practice photography. In today’s world, a majority of people would want to have their photoshoot done for almost all occasions. 

    In order to make more money, you can offer your photography skills along with animation skills when it comes to the video-making process. People that get the photoshoot stand also be keen on getting the video shoot done as well. These clients can really pay you off well, and this is one of the ways to make money as an animator.

    • Take up small projects on video editing.

    There area lot of companies that would encourage freelance animators to take up small-time video editing jobs. If you’re not interested in being a full-time animator in such companies, you could always approach them and take up the work on a contract basis and start delivering them and make a lot of money through that.

    • YouTube videos

    Apart from making YouTube videos, you could also start giving sessions on the overall animation as a subject. There are thousands of people that would be interested in becoming animators because that is one of the most creative fields that one can get into. 

    If you have the subject matter expert is it is recommended that you start releasing your own YouTube videos in that particular niche. With the subscribers and the view was growing, you would be able to convert YouTube as one of your major income sources.

    Even when the freelance market starts soaring high, you would still be able to make money through those old videos that you have already released on YouTube.

    • Media houses

    A lot of media houses would be hunting for animators. If you start getting connections in the cinema industry and in the media houses as a freelance animation specialist, you do not have to worry about any other assignments from anywhere else.

    These people would have complex projects and also offer you good payment depending upon the number of hours that you work on their tasks. Therefore, establishing a good rapport and building your network and extending it to the elite class of clients is going to take you to greater heights as a freelance animation expert.

    • Advertisement companies

    There are a lot of industries that are into making advertisements and banners. A majority of these people would also be searching to hire freelance services from an animator. If you have a connection with any of these people either through the freelance websites or any of your professional networking sites, it is important to go ahead and approach them because they might have a lot of assignments in bulk.

    • Photo editing

    As an animator,it is quite natural that I would also be an expert when it comes to photo editing. You can always offer a lot of sessions related to photo editing tools and start making money through social media networks. You might as well look for some projects and establish your relationship with an event management company in order to get more number of assignments.

    • Blogging

    Putting up your thoughts on the websites or any other blog pages can also be one of the ideal ways of making more money as an animation expert. If you have good content in place, it is very easy to find websites that encourage guest posts and also pay you well.

    • Upload an entire program on an educational website

    With the online technology kicking in, there are several websites that are getting into educational videos. Releasing your own animation course and other courses depending upon the skill sets that you have can also help you to make a lot of money.

    These are some of the most important tips that could help animator and if you want to get started immediately Dormzi offers freelance animator jobs for students as well as veteran animators.


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