Tricks On How To Win In FIFA Ultimate Game 19


Ever since the Ultimate Team mode came out, people have been going crazy over who’s got the best team; who has the best rankings. Some players depend on their quality as gamers, others depend on their strategizing skills. After researching, we tried our best to bring you the best of both. So, if you’re here because you want to know how to hone your skills; or if you’re totally new to the game, there is no doubt these tips are going to help you build a stronger team and better yourself as a player.

  • Take it Easy on the Shoot Button

Not a single one of us can resist that state of mania when a scoring opportunity opens up. It is a known fact among players that once that state of mania kicks in, the shoot button gets pressed on; mashed; stepped on, more than The Lion King’s Mufasa during the stampede.

For some reason, people think that pressing on the button a million times will make a difference, or increase their chances but, it doesn’t. The only time you should press on a button more than once for the same player is when you’re using the “timed finishing” technique; which we’ll address in a moment. Other than that, it is highly recommended that you only press “shoot” once because any extra presses may give your shot an unneeded power boost. It may end up costing you an easy goal.

  • Stay Away from the Packages

Even though player packages make everything so much easier, sometimes they’re just not the best option to go with; they can get needlessly expensive. Just like when you look through vault FIFA coins and other websites to find the best coin packs, you need to do the same with players.  Especially when you’re starting out in the Ultimate Team mode, it is better for you to target individual players. To get more wins and advance faster in the game, a fast and effective strategy is to purchase players according to the positions you need most. This way, you can focus your spending on exactly what you need rather than a whole pack.

  • Stay Up to Date with Actual Soccer

What most people don’t know about FIFA 19 Ultimate Team is that constant updates don’t only include additional features and bug fixes. They also include tweaks to players’ attributes; which is quite an awesome detail, actually. Depending on a real player’s performance throughout the football season, changes in their in-game attributes take place.

This is why it is important that you follow-up with real soccer so as to know where to invest your FIFA 19 Coins. The better a player does in their real games, the better they will be in the next update. The last thing you want is to keep a player whose overall rating keeps declining or trade a player whose performance is on the rise. So, keep yourself informed about\ your players’ performance trends.

  • Timed Finishing

This is considered one of the best new features that have been added to FIFA 19. Basically, after you press the shoot button once, the player starts working through the motions of shooting the ball. Then, if you press the shoot button another time sometime before the player’s leg connects with the ball, you get an extra powerful shot with added accuracy.

However, you need to be careful because, while this technique can be very useful, it has a lot of potentials to go wrong. You need to make sure that the second press is well-timed. To get it right, you’re going to need a bit of practice, but, once you get it right, you’ll be as good as ever in achieving game objectives and getting extra coins. As a form of guidance, make sure you get your second press when your feet are not too close to the ball but not extensively far either.

Looking back at the tips we mentioned, you’d know that becoming the best isn’t really a hard thing. You just need to focus on two main aspects; your own performance, and your team’s performance. Once you know what affects your players, and how to control them better, you’ll get the hang of it. Finally, keep in mind that this game is created in a way that simulates reality to a great extent. In addition to a variable player attribute level, the chemistry between players is extremely important. So, a last piece of advice would be to make sure the chemistry level between your players stays relatively high.


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