Beginners Guide to Prepare for UPPSC Staff Nurse Examination

Beginners Guide to Prepare for UPPSC Staff Nurse Examination
Beginners Guide to Prepare for UPPSC Staff Nurse Examination

Often the beginning of any work is the hardest; the same is the case with the UPPSC Staff Nurse Examination. A beginner is most vulnerable to making mistakes and committing blunders that can slim his chances of clearing his desired examination. These preparation blunders are common yet ignored. 

But, these initial blunders can be avoided, if the beginner takes an informed preparation decision then randomly jumps at the preparation phase without planning, just like other candidates.

A beginner with proper exam strategy and exam exposure has higher chances of selection than other candidates. Henceforth, in this article, we will discuss the perfect beginner guide to crack the UPPSC Staff Nurse examination. 

How can a Beginner Crack the UPPSC Nurse Exam in the First Attempt?

  • Relevant Study Material: If you choose the wrong boat, you will always reach the wrong shore. The same is the case for your study material. In the UPPSC Staff Nurse Examination, your study material is your ultimate friend or enemy. Many candidates just blindly follow any book or online material without bothering much to test if the book or the study material has covered all the syllabus in great length or not.

    On the other hand, some candidates study irrelevant topics due to unawareness of the syllabus. In order to avoid these mistakes, choose the study material that covers the official UPPSC Syllabus in detail. Do your research before finalizing your study material.  
  • Previous Year Paper: Yes, you must be wondering, previous year papers are often advised in the last stages why in the beginning would you need to solve the previous year’s papers. The logic is quite simple, if you analyze the UPPSC Staff Nurse Answer Key of the previous year papers in the beginning, you will have a rough idea about the types of questions asked in the examination along with the list of important topics.

    It can greatly help you to shape your studies from an exam perspective and give priority to important topics. Hence, give previous year’s papers in the beginning stage of your preparation. 
  • Study Plan: Once you are done finalizing your study material and get exam exposure, it is time to create a comprehensive study plan. Most of the beginners are in a mad run to cover the syllabus that they don’t revise, practice, and take tests on a regular basis.

    It creates a situation where they forget previously studied topics, and in the end, they feel as if they haven’t prepared anything. Therefore, create a study plan that allocates time to each of these parameters, namely Revision, Practice, and Mock Tests. 
  • Mastering Nursing Topics: You might be an experienced Nurse, but competitive examination questions can be tricky. Despite the stronghold of your subject, you can be lacking in a few topics.

    It is your duty to master your core subject including each and every sub-topic. For that, you should give daily quizzes, and mock tests to not only just practice but to find your weak links. These quizzes and mock tests will always keep you on edge to improve further and master your weak topics. 
  • Improve Daily: Being a beginner, you can’t afford to settle down and rest. As there are candidates who are more experienced and more prepared than you, therefore, you should always aspire to improve daily. When you are a beginner, you have high odds of cracking the examination as you don’t have any unnecessary burden of previous failures. Hence, consider your first attempt as the last attempt, and prepare just like that. 
  • GK & Hindi: Yes, the most important subject for the UPPSC Staff Nurse Examination is Nursing, nevertheless, Hindi & GK holds a weightage of 25 marks. You can’t afford to lose these marks as every single mark matters in a competitive exam.

    Henceforth, don’t take them for granted and prepare for them as well. Moreover, if you give 2-3 cumulatively to these subjects, you will easily score well in these subjects. 

If you keep all these tips in mind and prepare your studies according to them- You won’t face any hiccups that the majority of beginners do. 


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