Valorant vs Overwatch. Let’s Compare Two Unconventional Shooters!


Valorant and Overwatch are two really prominent eSports disciplines that enjoy great popularity. Some fans of those games believe that there are certain similarities between the two. Continue reading to find out more about that.

Nowadays, a lot of gamers are playing Overwatch and Valorant professionally. There are numerous major eSports tournaments organized that are followed by a great number of people. If you would like to check the tournament schedule, streams of matches, and ratings of the best professional players, this data is maximally presented on website.

VALORANT by Riot Games

Valorant is an online shooter from Riot Games studio, which is a kind of combination of elements from hero shooters and CS: GO. In Valorant, two teams of five fight in small arenas, using both a variety of firearms and special heroic abilities. It emphasizes tactics, the right selection of characters in the team, and the skillful use of their special abilities.

Players have access to a full arsenal of weapons from the beginning of the game. In order for a weapon to be active during a match, it must be purchased with virtual currency that is earned during the game. An important aspect of the game is proper budget management. Saving money in one round can help you win two more. An important element of having fun in Valorant is tactics and communication with team members. Each of the maps has been designed in such a way that it is possible to develop many different strategies.

A multiplayer game called Valorant puts two teams of five players against one another in brief rounds. The match is won by the team that wins 13 rounds. Attackers and Defenders make up the two teams. The goal of the former is to either destroy opponents or put a spike (bomb) in one of the predetermined locations on the map. The defenders must disarm the spike that has already been put or stop it from happening at all. At the beginning of the game, teams are randomly assigned to one of the sides; after 12 rounds, teams switch sides.

Overwatch by Blizzard

Overwatch is an online shooter developed by Blizzard studio, which is the first production of this genre by the creators of such iconic series as Diablo, Warcraft, and StarCraft. The action of the game is set in a futuristic reality, full of chaos and conflicts. The titular guard is an organization aimed at maintaining peace – it consists of the best soldiers, scientists, and adventurers. For years, it flawlessly carried out its task, but over time its power and influence began to decrease, and divisions began to occur within the group itself.

By the time Overwatch takes place, this group is in complete disarray. However, humanity still needs heroes, and it is on the shoulders of the players to fulfill the obligations of the guard. The production is focused on multiplayer mode, but at the same time offers a story layer, both in terms of the history of the universe and the characters inhabiting it.

The pace of the battles is very fast, and the dynamics of the clashes are additionally increased by the high mobility of the character. Emphasis was placed primarily on close cooperation and achieving any success requires cooperation with comrades-in-arms. This assumption is reflected in the game modes. For example, in Payload, one team has to deliver an explosive to a specific point on the map, and the other team has to prevent it. In Point Control, on the other hand, one group attacks the control points and the other must hold them until the end of the match.

In both modes, lone wolves have little chance of survival and are quickly eliminated by the opposing team. When starting the game, players choose one of the available characters, but they can freely change it during the game – each death is an opportunity to choose a different hero. All heroes have a substantial set of special skills, so controlling each of them provides a different experience.

The Features of Each Game

In Valorant, there is no such interaction and synergy of characters. And there are no roles as such. Everyone is more or less self-sufficient. Everyone with plus or minus equal chances can shoot each other. Unlike Overwatch, in which the characters are hard counters to each other, in Valorant the hero’s skills are an addition, but shooting and communication play the main role. In Overwatch, abilities, on the contrary, are dominant over personal skill and shooting.

It is said that the number of cards and their variety in Overwatch suffers. In terms of balance, probably the biggest hatred and disgust on the part of the community and professional players is caused by the Capture Points cards. They are random, they take a long time to play and not everything depends on your hands. Developers have been trying to fix them for many years, but all in vain. They would gladly refuse this type of card, but they simply have nothing to replace them with.

Maps in Valorant are a redesigned analogue of maps in Counter-Strike. Even the designation of positions in the game was taken from the time-tested CS, which is good. There are currently three maps available in the game: Bind, Haven, and Split.

At the moment, there are 32 heroes in Overwatch with their own set of abilities, which are divided into three types: DPS (Damage), Support (Help), and Tank. The characters themselves are interesting and engaging in their own way. There are 10 heroes available in Valorant. Each agent has four abilities: three normal and one ultimate.

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