Video Game Career Options


Once you’ve decided you want to pursue a career working with video games, you must decide which area of the industry you want to work in. The following is an overview of a few of the many career paths you can take within the video game industry:

  • Video Game Designer â€“ Video game designers develop ideas for games and see them through until the game has been completed. They work with a whole team of other people to do so and can choose to focus on different areas of development including overall game designing or level designing.
  • Video Game Programmer â€“ Video game programmers create the codes that allow a game to work properly. They work closely with the game design team and often have a background in computer software or computer programming.
Video Game Career Options
Video Game Career Options
  • Animator â€“ Animators are responsible for making video games come to life. They also work closely with the game design team to first develop a series of images and then transform them into the video game.
  • Audio Engineer â€“ Audio engineers create all sounds within in a video game. They develop everything from background music to sound effects to characters’ voices.
  • Writer â€“ Some writers help develop the storyline in a video game and create the script for characters. The other path video game writers can take is to create the instructions and other literature that come with a video game.
  • Video Game Tester â€“ Video game testers are responsible for assuring that games run the way they’re supposed to. They provide quality assurance for game companies as they identify any problems a game may have and report the changes that need to be made.
  • Technical Support Specialist â€“ Technical support specialists have the most contact with consumers who purchase video games. They provide assistance to the players who are having trouble with some aspect of the game or any equipment related to playing the game.
  • Video Game Producer â€“ Video game producers oversee the team that creates video game to make sure they complete the game on time and within the budget set for creation of the game. They work more on the business side of the industry to keep a company’s financials in order.
  • Video Game Marketing Manager â€“ Marketing managers for video games are responsible for the team of marketing at a video game company. They create a plan for how a game will be promoted to consumers.
  • Market Research Analyst â€“ Market research analysts are responsible for helping a video game company figure out what types of games to sell, how much they should sell them for, and in what areas they should sell them.
  • Video Game Sales Representative â€“ Sales representatives for video games must know everything about the game, as well as about the customers they intend to sell the game to. They are responsible for selling games to retailers.

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