Why Video Games Can Create Strong Social Connections.

Video Games Are Social Spaces: Why Video Games Can Create Strong Social Connections.
Video Games Are Social Spaces: Why Video Games Can Create Strong Social Connections.

Over the last couple of years, online gaming has grown tremendously. This can be attributed to the growth of technology that has made is relatively easy to access these games.

For example, just 10 years ago there were only a few authority websites where you could play casino games online while now this industry is one of the biggest industries in the gaming sector, reaching gamers all across the globe, with options to play on a tablet, but also smartphones!

When gaming started, it was purely a solitary pastime activity (so-called “single-player” games), which only a few people engaged in. Games that were good were passed between friends on CD’s and DVDs. Fast forward to 2020, and the industry has ballooned to become one of the most sought after social activities around the world.

Both the young and the old have not been left behind, and it’s common to find young players “isolated” from the world as they enjoy all manner of gaming. Some of the most popular games include online slots. You can find a large selection of games as well as a regular live stream on Deluxe Casino Bonus.

Devices like consoles, computers, and video games come with upgraded technology, and it’s common to find players streaming or engaging in multiplayer games. These online multi-communication features and apps have given gaming a new face, and the industry has now turned into a social activity.

Nowadays, many video gaming provides the opportunity for people to create valuable social bonds and even long-lasting friendships (many people end up meeting up in the real world too). It allows people to communicate with their gaming buddies not just about the gaming world, but also about common-day things and even personal things.

Gamers have a large thing in common. Most of them can talk about games for hours without an end. Similar people attract each other and eventually people start to open up to each other and talk also about other things than just gaming.

All the while, there’s no pressure, because you don’t share the same physical space with the other person. This is also part of the reason why many people are very honest and speak their mind freely.

Multi-Player Games

Video Games Are Social Spaces: Why Video Games Can Create Strong Social Connections.
Video Games Are Social Spaces: Why Video Games Can Create Strong Social Connections.

These types of games are not a new thing, and they have been available longer than you might think (think of for example World of Warcraft, Unreal Tournament, Dota 2, Counter-Strike). The initial models of consoles gave birth to a more social gaming platform, and this has continuously improved to where we are today.

With Nintendo and Sega entering the market with upgraded devices, players could now get several ports that could easily connect to the controllers on the consoles. This is how games started slowly transforming into social activities since they could offer multiplayer modes.

However, for video games, it was a slow process, and real social gaming only happened after the advent of internet gaming. Internet gaming was a real game-changer, and its introduction into the world of gaming gave it a whole new concept, changing gamers’ lives forever.

The Pioneer Games

While today’s gamers are very well versed in games like COD, Fortnite, and even PUBG, this is not how things started. The pioneer games that transformed the online gaming platform were Counterstrike and Soldier of Fortune.

These two were the initial online multiplayer games, and they grabbed the industry in a mainstream way. This could be as a result of their war based-themes, which remain the most popular category of games for the online multiplayer platform.

Over the years, we have seen manufacturers come up with additional features like communication via headsets. This has added an extra layer of features to the social gaming concept.

Live Streaming as a Social Way of Gaming

This is perhaps the most effective means of social gaming. With live streaming, you can be able to join the social aspect of gaming, as you share your experience with other players. This is done in real-time, and in the most vivid way possible.

Live streaming has not only created mega superstars, but it has also hugely transformed the gaming scene. It is very satisfying to fellow gamers, seeing one of their own on YouTube or Twitch, streaming a game in real-time.

Additionally, most live streams come with live chats, and with such a step, other gamers can fully participate and become part of the experience. This type of interaction makes gaming a very exciting type of social gaming.


No one wants to be left alone, and we have seen an online casino that was initially offering an extremely lonely gaming environment, change tact, and evolve to provide a more relaxed social gaming experience.

A good example of such casinos is Winstar live casino.  This casino is run by real dealers, where you can also enjoy the streaming of the games in real-time. This can be done from the gaming floor, straight to your gaming devices. This type of gaming offers not only social interaction, but it is also very convenient.

It is clear that the gaming space has made wide strides, and it is no longer the cold and lonely place we used to know. It has transformed to become not only a mainstream and social sector but a highly profitable one as well. The future looks bright for social gamers, and we can only guess what technology has in store for this industry.


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