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What Are The Popular Casino Games in 2019?

We all like to play games once in a while because it’s such an easy way to relax and unwind from a busy week. Casino games are usually the most engaging slot machines you can find, mostly because of how many bonuses and rewards you receive by playing your cards right. Wondering which game to choose? 

Check out below the most popular casino games this year. 

Age of the Gods: King of the Underworld

Greek mythology is one of the most interesting mythologies there is; almost everyone’s a fan of Greek myths with its powerful goddesses and frightening gods. This is why this game’s developer themed it as such, they made sure that everything about this casino game is vibrant and engaging. Get ready to meet the Titans, who are trapped in Tartarus, Athena, the fate sisters, Hermes, and Cerberus. Other than playing with these amazing characters, you will also get 20 points per spin, and you will get to bet on whichever number you like. 

Caravan in Cairo

Egyptian themed slot games are one of the most popular kinds when it comes to themed casino games, and Caravan to Cairo is no different. Bonuses and rewards also make a game the right choice for many. According to BuckyBingo, Caravan to Cairo has many bonus features and most of the time you get a lot of free spins, which makes it easy for you to win or get bonuses. It has 10 free spins and wins multiplied by 4x, 15 free spins and wins multiplied by 3x, and so much more! It even has 243 different ways to win and 5 reels!

Casino Win Spin

This game has a really cool vibe to it; it almost looks like a retro jukebox. It’s a very fast-paced game that offers you spin until you win a feature, which comes with guaranteed payouts, win spin hot zones, expanding wilds, and other features that you will love.

Coins of Fortune 

One of the best things about this colorful slot is that you get to witness China’s neon-lighted cities as you are winning a lot of points and earning free spins. You will also be offered multipliers, two different kinds of wilds, scatter, and a unique feature known as the Dragon Nudge.

Kitchen Drama Sushi Mania Slot Machine

Another thing that has been on the rise this year is Sushi. Kitchen Drama Sushi Mania Slot Machine presents to you its sushi themed game, where you will be getting 20 pay lines, a lot of credit per turn, and 5 reels. 

Zodiac Supernova Slot

Everyone has been invested in astrology and zodiac signs this year, which explains why the Zodiac Supernova slot is doing so well and becoming popular by the day. You will be winning prizes left and right in this slot game; you will also be getting 5 reels and earn points based on your zodiac sign. 

In this year, 2019, a lot of slot games have upped their game in the casino world. Coins of Fortune, Zodiac Supernova, and plenty of others have several good reviews, everyone has been loving the new themes, symbols, icons, and free rewards. If you still haven’t checked them out then don’t forget to get your hands on these brand new, popular casino games over the weekend or whenever you’re free to do so.

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