Lost Ark: What Does Item Quality Mean?

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Knowing what quality signifies for various equipment pieces when playing the game is crucial. Regarding quality, there are multiple factors to be aware of, such as how it connects to abilities and Relic gear, transfer, and where to go for the most significant load. 

Equipment topics and more are covered in this manual. You will be able to recognise how quality impacts your equipment after having read this article and get the greatest in-game gear.

  • Product Quality

The quality of the things in Lost Ark is one facet of its product. This is a significant consideration in calculating how much more the item will price you after the game. Your goods’ quality might range from a single to one hundred.

It can also influence how many benefits you receive on certain things. Following are a few guidelines to help you choose the best equipment for your heroes. Read the statistics of your equipment as well.

Some goods provide more excellent bonuses than others. Thus, it’s critical to grasp the different sorts of stats and their significance.

  • Synergies Between Classes

Synergies between distinct classes might help you thrive in a game with many various courses. While a single talent might be instrumental, combining numerous abilities will give you additional alternatives.

This is extremely helpful if you wish to enjoy a game as a group. An assist class having two fixed types, for example, can utilise their support talents to remove all material. Similarly, a DPS character can employ support abilities to heal when in demonic form.

Although this is a fantastic notion, you must ensure that your party is built towards your synergy.

  • The Item Levels

You’ll frequently come across objects with a top-quality score when playing Lost Ark. While the level is perhaps the most crucial stat regarding gear, quality may also affect your character’s performance.

A high-quality rating indicates that the thing is more effective at shielding you from foes or other players. It will also last longer than different types.

Each item in the Lost Ark has a level that corresponds to its name. While traversing the game, you may level up your things to access new skills and endgame content.

Raising your item level allows your characters to engage in more activities and progress through more significant levels of material.

As a result, after you reach level 50, it’s critical to upgrade your equipment’s item value continuously.

  • System For Transferring Items

The quality of goods is a relatively new aspect in Lost Ark. Before level 50, everything of your items will have a rate of 100. However, the condition of your equipment will not be adjusted until the endgame.

This quality-changing mechanism will have a significant influence on your weapon’s effectiveness & armour quality, in addition to your defence and vitality, as you reach the endgame.

The calibre of your goods influences how your character fights. If you equip jewellery, you will gain additional Fighting Stats, a terrific method to increase your combat power.

What Does Item Quality Mean In Lost Ark?

what does quality mean lost ark

One of an item’s characteristics is its quality. It is present on all armour, weaponry, and jewellery. Your item level is the first component. This determines your item or gear’s basic stats. Although this is significant, you should also look at the quality.

Your equipment or item’s extra stats are determined by its item quality. Any integer between 1 and 100 is acceptable.

We now have identical weapons, as you can see in the picture. Both are stage 302, Tier 1, uncommon, and Tier 1.

If you uncover each of them, you’ll also get a primary indication of their weapon power, which is +622. But the quality and additional impression of these two guns are drastically different.

The quality 43 weapon gets extra damage of +1.29%. Additionally, the gun having Quality 38 gets extra damage of 1.14%.

So, to summarise, the bonus effects of your equipment are influenced mainly by the quality of your goods.

Jewellery is a notable exception to this rule. Every piece of jewellery in this reproduction has some engraving. As a result, the inscription on your jewellery completely alters its initial impression.

Does Gear Quality Matter In Lost Ark?

what does quality mean lost ark

Gear quality will significantly increase your character’s stats; it’s not simply a nice number you can hang atop your gear. Your other metrics will rise as quality does. Your item quality may significantly impact a piece of gear’s bonus effect. Here are a few instances:

  • The additional effect of Additional Damage is influenced by weapon quality.
  • Magical Defense, Physical Defense, and Vitality are all impacted by armour quality.
  • Different numbers of combat stats are gained by wearing jewellery, including rings, earrings, & necklaces. Examples are Crit, Specialization, and Swiftness.

An object can have a quality of up to 100, but improving your equipment by 90 times won’t cut it. While honing can boost an item’s level, it cannot raise its quality.

Abyss Dungeons, Running Chaos Dungeons, and Guardian Raids are necessary. There are several alternative ways to obtain endgame gear, but they all depend on randomness for high-quality items.

If you are new to Vern Castle, try not to worry a great deal about the quality of your possessions. You may keep enhancing your armour and weaponry through the Gear Transfer mechanism.

However, it would help if you bought jewellery with engravable that are advantageous to you first, instead of swapping out a collar or ring for an unnecessary engraving.


Q1. Does Item Quality Matter Lost Ark?
Based on where participants are in the game, the answer is either yes or no. Simply put, weapon quality will have little impact on you in the game’s early stages. However, you need to pay close attention to it if you want to boost the extra stats of your gear.

Q2. What are quality items in Ark?
The additional statistics of your gear or equipment are determined by Item Quality. It can include any number between one and one hundred. As seen in the image above, we possess two identical weaponries. Both are Tier 1, rare, & of Level 302 difficulty.

Q3. How do you fix lost quality in Ark?
While you may improve your item level by honing it, you cannot enhance your equipment quality. This necessitates the completion of Abyss Dungeons, Chaos Dungeons, and Guardian Raids. There are a few more ways to obtain endgame gear, but you must rely on RNG for excellent item quality.

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