What Episode Does Naruto Become Hokage in Boruto

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And as a fan of Naruto, you are in dire need of the solution? then make a note of the response! In the series’ 18th episode of Boruto, Naruto was appointed Hokage.

Though some fans were disappointed because they did not understand when Naruto became Hokage. This is something Naruto tried a lot throughout the series. He always wanted to become Hokage. And with him, the fans also tremendously wanted him to become a Hokage. And all their wish came true in episode number 18, where we saw Naruto becoming a Hokage.

Let us know more about when and how Naruto fulfilled his dream and became Hokage in the series. Let’s start the discussion.

‘Boruto’ Episode 18 Shows Naruto’s Hokage Ascension

What Episode Does Naruto Become Hokage in Boruto

In episode number 18 of Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generation, we see a flashback. And in this flashback only, we see the time when Naruto became Hokage. But do you know what was the content of that episode?

The episode starts and we see Himawari is down with a high fever and Boruto is looking after her. And here in a gentle conversation, we understand how much love and care Boruto has in his heart for his family. Finally, we see that Hinata tells Boruto to take care of Himawari as she is going to get a few medicines for Himawari. When Hinata leaves, Boruto takes a photo where all four of them are present with Naruto. While watching the photo, Boruto tells Himawari that they had a quite hard time with Himawari in the past too. 

In the next scene, which is a flashback of the past time, we see Boruto and Himawari lying in the bed and Hinata is waiting for Naruto. She is a bit worried because Naruto’s Hokage inauguration ceremony will start early on the very next day.

Finally, Naruto comes back home, drunk, supported by his friends, and mumbles he will become Hokage one day for sure. The next day, Hinata leaves quite early to get Hokage Haori for Naruto. Before leaving she tells Naruto to reach the venue with the kids. She will join the ceremony directly.

But when she reaches there, she cannot find Naruto anywhere. This makes her come back to the house. Meanwhile, in the house, the kids were fighting over bringing the pink panda plushy of Himawari to the ceremony. And in the end, as a result of this fight, the plushy tears apart.

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Himawari’s Hidden Power And Naruto’s Hokage Inauguration

When the favorite toy of Himawari was destroyed, she accidentally awakens Byakugan. This was so shocking that everyone was left spellbound because to awaken Byakugan, one needs a lot of hard training. And the story did not end there. Furious, Himawari tries to attack Boruto using Halted Chakra Point.

Naruto came and stand between Boruto and Himawari to save Boruto, but when Naruto connects with Himawari’s finger, he lost his sense. After that Hinata came back home and said Naruto will be unconscious for the rest of the day. Kakashi and Shikamaru started worrying about the ceremony. Finally, they made Konohamaru transform into Naruto to finish the ceremony.

Similarities Between Father And Son

What Episode Does Naruto Become Hokage in Boruto

Then the story of the episode comes back to the present time where Boruto says that Naruto comes home rarely, and this is deteriorating the relationship between them. Right then Naruto enters home very worried about Himawari. From here, Boruto and Naruto start interacting very awkwardly.

The topic of their fight is what Himawari should eat. They even decide to fight a battle to finalize the decision. Boruto wants to fight with hamburger and Naruto with lamen. Right then Hinata comes in and kicks both of them out of the house.

Boruto’s Anger Stemmed From Missing Naruto

Though it may look like Boruto always behaved harshly with Naruto, it was never the way it looked like. Boruto’s anger only appeared to stem from the unchangeable fact that his father will never be there on special days of them.

The Final Words

So now it is clear that Naruto became Hokage long back in the past, and that was shown in episode number 18 of Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generation. So now after reading this article, I hope you have got your answer. And if you want, go back and watch the episode again, if possible. All the best!

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