In What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain?

what episode does naruto fight pain?

If you are a Naruto fan then you must be wondering in what episode does naruto fight pain? Well, let us tell you that you have come to the right place for information.

Naruto vs Pain is one of the best anime fight sequences in the entire series and even in Anime history. Throughout the internet, there are so many people looking for answers to the Pain story arc and the various happenings in Naruto!

Stay onboard because in this article we will provide you with all the information about Naruto vs Pain fight. Not just that we will also discuss all the major events of the Pain Arc.

The major questions about this entire story arc will be discussed in detail in this article. So sit tight and let’s navigate.

We will be Starting with naruto fight pain in this article and moving on to other significant events of the arc.

In What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain?

In the show, naruto arrives to fight pain in episode 163, called “Explosion! Sage mode” and the fight ended in episode 169, called “The Two Students”.

The entire fight lasted for six episodes and is a huge USP of the show and is one of the best in the Naruto franchise. It was also the moment where the audience go to witness the power of the Perfect Toad Sage Mode.

Naruto won against Pain for sure but that involved many more occurrences in the show that changed the show’s plot in many ways.

In What Episode Of Naruto Shippuden Does Naruto Fight Pain?

In the Masashi Kishimoto series of Naruto, Naruto vs Pain is one of the most popular and fan-favorite episodes. There are multiple reasons for it to make its place in of the top fights of the Naruto Anime.

what episode does naruto fight pain?

If you wish to see the fight between Naruto and Pain, you can just directly go to episode 163, where Naruto arrives after the destruction of Konoha village by Pain’s attacks. This fight extends till episode  169.

The climax of this fight is one of the most exciting and popularly talked about combats of Naruto Shippuden ends.

What Chapter Does Naruto Fight Pain?

Pain attacks the Leaf Village in chapter no 419, which was known as “Raid”. Consequently, Pain encounters Kakashi in the next chapter. I.e. Chapter no 420 and fights him in Chapter 422, titled “Kakashi vs Pain”.

He continues to massacre the village for a few more chapters and defeats Kakashi smoothly. Choji and Choza were also fighting alongside Kakashi.

Several villagers had to sacrifice their lives in fighting Pain. And finally at the end of Chapter no 429, Naruto encounters Pain. This chapter was titled “Know Pain”. The village also gets destroyed by them but also shows up through reverse summoning.

Soon Naruto explodes with his Sage mode in Chapter 430, which is called “Naruto Returns and fights Pain.

What Episode Does Naruto Master Sage Mode?

Naruto started to train to master Sage mode in episode no 154, which is titled “Decryption” and wasn’t able to perfect it until episode 156 titled “Surpassing the Master”.

Once after Jiraiya’s death, he left Konoha for Mount Myoboku to train in the art of Senjutsu, which also helps him to learn about Nature’s energy and the hazards of taking too much in.

He was finally able to master the sage mode after he found the appropriate balance of Nature Energy. And he continued his training with Frog Kumite.

What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain as Nine Tails?

Hinata appears in episode 166 in order to save Naruto. Unfortunately, she gets beaten up by Pain right in front of Naruto. However, being a Naruto admirer, Hinata doesn’t give up and continues to fight.

what episode does naruto fight pain?

At this time she even confesses to Naruto that she is in love with him, and Pain uses this opportunity to provoke Naruto. She gets defeated by Pain, even after fighting with all her power.

Pain gets brutal and almost kills Hinata. And this makes Naruto lose his calm and control over his emotions and takes the Nine-Tails cloak form at the end of episode 166, which is also titled “Confessions”.

Naruto explodes in anger and enters the nine-tails form. Just this time we find Naruto in his 6 tails form which is much stronger than his previous forms. 6 tails Naruto fights Pain in episode 167, titled “Planetary Devastations”.

In this episode, Naruto fights Pain extremely hard and forces him to use his strongest ability “The Planetary Devastations”.

What Episode Did Naruto Meet Nagato?

Naruto comes across Nagato in episode 169, titled “Two Students”.

Naruto does extremely well against Pain, however his Sage Mode has a specific time limitation, which is exactly where Naruto starts losing against him. Using this as his upper hand, Pain pins Naruto to the ground.

On seeing this Hinata comes to rescue Naruto and gets defeated by Pain. He beats up Hinata and provokes Naruto. As he succeeds, Naruto loses his control and Kurama starts taking control over him.

Karuma leaks his chakra and further weakens the seal and then transforms into a giant form with 8 tails appearing.

Naruto’s this particular form looks like an incomplete nine tails fox but has the potential to break out of Pains’s Planetary Devastations.

It is at this point that fortunately Minato arrives and tightens the seal and saves Naruto. He now explains to him about the actual leader of the Atsuki.

Naruto gains back his control, defeats the remaining Pain, and navigates the location of Nagato hiding inside a tree. He finds his location and there he comes across Nagato the final Pain.

In What Movie Does Naruto Fight Pain?

Naruto fights Pain in the movie “ Road to Ninja: Naruto The Movie”. The movie stars Junko Takeuchi, Chie Nakamura, Toshiyuki Morikawa, and Emi Shinohara.

The story of the movie is written by Masashi Kishimoto. The music is done by Yasuharu Takanashi. And the cinematography is done by Atsuho Matsumoto.

The movie was really popular and people appreciated it very well.

In What Episode Does Naruto Fight Madara,Orochimaru,Sasuke?

Naruto fought Madara, Orochimaru, and Sasuke in various episodes of the show.

Naruto fought Madara in episode no 392 of Shippuuden. The battle happens during the “Birth of the Ten Tail’s Jinchuriki” arc and follows over from episodes 378-388, 391-393, 414-421, and 424-427.

what episode does naruto fight pain?

He fought Orochimaru, who is also his sworn enemy in Season 104 episode 14. Naruto releases the power of his Nine-Tailed Fox.

However, he fought Sasuke in Season 5 Episode 4, it is titled “The Battle Begins: Naruto vs Sasuke”.

All these three were epic battles in the Naruto series and were extremely popular.

In what episode does pain die in Naruto?

Pain doesn’t really die in Naruto. In fact, despite the destruction Pain caused, Naruto chose not to kill him.

Pain killed both of Naruto’s teachers and also Lord Fukasaku who taught Naruto how to master his Sage Mode. He even destroyed an entire village and almost killed Hinata.

Despite all that Naruto decided to break the cycle of hate and spare him. And this is exactly what Jiraiya wanted to achieve in his life.

He desperately wanted to end Ninja wars, unnecessary killings, and death by putting an end to hatred and vengeance.

And as his student, Naruto decided not to follow the path of Vengeance. Instead of killing Pain, Naruto gave us a chance of listening to Pain’s story and the reason why he caused such destruction.

He also tries to share Jiraiya’s life lesson and tries to show him that it is possible to end the cycle of hate. He also shares his own life story and Jiraiya’s contribution to his life, which also changes Nagato.

Pain saw Hope in Naruto and believed him to be a bridge to peace. Naruto also changes him completely changed him. And he decides to revive everyone in the village by sacrificing his own life.

To Wrap Up

In this article, we have discussed every major aspect of the Naruto vs Pain story arc. Not only did we discuss what episode does naruto fight pain, but we have also told you in detail about the result of that fight.

The Naruto vs Pain fight arc is more than just a simple fight in the show. It sets certain significant milestones in the show that shapes its future journey. Not just that, even the aftermath of the fight changes the life view of both Naruto and Pain.

We hope that by this time we have answered all your questions and caused your interest to rise in Naruto further, through this article. You really need to go through the entirety of this article if you are a Naruto fan or even take interest in the show!

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