What is a Gaming Trainer and How to Use It?

What is a Gaming Trainer and How to Use It?
What is a Gaming Trainer and How to Use It?

The saying that practice makes perfect always holds true in any circumstance and gaming is not an exception. Often times, when players feel like they need a change and desire more, they consider different options. Among such options is the gaming trainer or cheat trainer.

Like the saying “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” computer games get tough at some point and this will require you to cheat. To cheat, however, you require a cheat code. Cheat codes provide health and ammunition in excess, etc. so what do you when you do not have a cheat code?


Game trainers are mainly programs design to modify or alter the memory or behavior of a particular computer game. Game trainers basically allow you to cheat. It has the ability to “freeze” a memory address and prevent the game from changing or lowering any information that is stored on that particular memory address. Game trainers are also capable of manipulating the data stored on the memory address, so they can conform to what the user wants.

Any executable file installed on a computer to enhance gameplay is referred to as a game trainer. It may include one or more files depending on the version being used. When the game trainer and the game is launched in synchrony, the program then alters specific game information thereby, allowing the user access to specific privileges and bonuses in the game.

Essentially, game trainers allow you to increase your speed, provides vast resources at your fingertips, cool weapons, etc. without having to spend all day without them.

How They Came About

Originally, when the game trainers were introduced, they load first at the beginning of the game and would ask players whether or not they wish to enable the cheats. When this is done, it then proceeds into the game. Modern game trainer programs, however, unlike the old ones, are presented and downloaded separately. Rather than direct modification of the game’s programming, the modification is done to the values stored on the memory.


Game trainers are developed by reverse engineering so that information can be sought from within the game process. This can be done by searching for static access pointers, free code injection, code shifting, and hooking of malloc. Allocating the object activates the game trainer and likewise, freeing the object deactivates the game trainer.

How Easy Is Using A Game Trainer

Unlike most software that is not easy to use except when a professional approach is implemented, the game trainer is not complicated as they are easy to comprehend and use. Game trainers are usually of top quality and are user-friendly. To use the game trainers, all you need to do is google for the one that conforms to your needs. Take for example, if as a player of Konami’s metal gear, you wish to take on the role of a superhero, all you have to do is to search for a trainer that is designed for the game.

Like all creators, coders engage a pattern for naming their programs. They include signs and figures aimed at indicating the features of the game. When the trainer is downloaded, installation is not difficult at all. A file that contains the allegation guide is always present with the download. Click here for more information on downloading and installing game trainers

Crossing “Is” And Dotting “Ts”

Before you proceed to use the game trainer, a few points need to be noted:

Ensure you comprehensively read and understand the disclaimer before you proceed to download it

Unzip the game trainer and comprehensively read the file presented in text format. This text file explains the procedure of installation, activation, and use. Ensure you follow the instructions provided.

To enable the cheat codes, a game trainer needs access to the memory. After running the trainer, your firewall or computer security may flag it as a virus (this is due to the memory it accesses.), allow the action and proceed to enjoy the game.

Visit http://www.sabernova.com/2013/07/guide-to-pc-game-trainers-cheat-game.html for a comprehensive guide on using game trainers.

What To Keep In Mind

By downloading and installing a game trainer, the responsibility of engaging third-party software aimed at enhancing your success at a game is laid on you. To prevent penalization and punishment, it is therefore advised that you make use of game trainers when you are playing in single-player or offline mode.


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