What Is Roster Level In Lost Ark and How To Boost It?

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The Roster level is a system of ranking all your characters on a single roster. Now, when you continue playing, your Roster level is upgraded, and you get some stat boosts and complimentary items for all your characters on that server. 

The most exciting part about exploring the fun world of Lost Ark is leveling up in the game to explore new features. While Lost Ark is finding new fans every day, many players still wonder about What is Roster Level Lost Ark?

When you take down monsters, explore hidden gems or complete a quest, you are rewarded with some experience points, and your Roster level is upgraded with it.

Unlike character levels, the Roaster level is different as it unlocks new features and perks for all the characters you have created on that server of Lost Ark.

Different characters that are created on the same server are associated with a single roaster, and they all share some common perks with each other. 

What Does Roster Level Mean In Lost Ark?

Roster system in Lost Ark works by sharing the achievements and progress you get, between your different characters on the same server. That is where the roster comes in.

Lost Ark is a game that offers loads of adventure and an amazing playing experience. To play this game, you must create different characters on game servers.

The collection of all characters on a single server is referred to as a roster. Once you have created a roster, every new character created on that server will automatically be added to that roster. 

These rosters are unique, and there is a separate roster for every single server on Lost Ark. When you have two or more characters on a server, they will share some common progress and rewards automatically through the lost ark roster level. You can check your roster level’s current status and keep track of the latest rewards unlocked. 

When you get upgraded to the Roster level, you get several bonuses like new locked skills, stat boosts, or sometimes even a unique item.

This is perfectly fine as long as they are power or physical appearance-related improvements that pander to the character to perform and look better. You do not have to sacrifice the character level progress of each character by updating your Roster level. 

However, with frequent upgrades in Roster levels, your characters will grow in strength, find more lost ark roster rewards and face even more difficult challenges.

When this happens, it’s always an improvement in the game and, eventually, multiplies the fun of playing Lost Ark. You will be able to experience these new powers and other crucial features across all accounts on that Roster. 

How To Level Up Your Roster In Lost Ark?

What Is Roster Level In Lost Ark and How To Boost It?

Players use different ways to level up your Roster level per their expertise. The most commonly used method is to complete quests or find new locations that lead to the next level. Another good way to upgrade your roster levels is by playing new adventures in the Lost Ark. 

You can start a game-play and then later discover a certain location that will lead you to some kind of adventure where you will have to fight some monsters and take down their bosses. Here are a few tips that can prove helpful in boosting your Roster levels:

  • Find And Finish More Quests

As you continue your quests, you will receive Roster XP in different amounts, ultimately increasing your Roster levels. So, if you want to get a lot of Roster XP points, you need to take down a lot of bosses.

This will also help you in improving your aiming skills as well. This is a good way to add more excitement to the game, as you will always be looking for more quests and want to complete them as quickly as possible.

  • Kills Monsters and Target Enemies

You can also target tough opponents or dangerous monsters to get more Roster level boosters and maximum stat boost. Leveling up your roster will encourage you to play more and more. And with each level increase, you can find certain features and perks opened up for all your characters on that lost ark roster. Depending on the number of characters on that particular server, the perks will vary from character to character.

  • Explore The Game World 

Another best way to get lost ark roster experience points is to explore new areas and discover secrets that can sometimes lead you to a new adventure. This kind of exploration will help you in leveling up your character rosters. A stable connection is also important for getting more experience points, as you will have to face many challenges. A laggy network connection might make it difficult for you to win many battles.

  • Secret Areas and Challenges

If you want to get a lot of Roster XP points, you need to explore various secret areas and challenges in the game. This will encourage you to keep playing the game and find even more opportunities to gain some extra Roster XPs through challenges. In addition, you can receive these roster XP points by completing various quests or progressing through a storyline in Lost Ark. However. These points are usually minimal. They are not as effective as killing tough opponents or exploring new secret locations in the game. 

Once you complete these quests, you usually get many experience points and go back to your character as a stronger version of itself which is able to handle stronger enemies. Sometimes, this roster boost up also increase certain life skills of your characters including foraging, hunting, logging, excavating, minting, roster, and certain other features. 

You will also be able to unlock new areas and find new quests by getting some inspiration from the NPCs in your location. Increasing the Roster level will add more depth to the world of Lost Ark by offering new rewards, features, and many other perks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the roster level in Lost Ark?
Your roster level represents your progress in the game on a single server. You can unlock new perks and get rewards that will be shared among all the characters created on that server. Additionally, certain stat upgrades for each Roster level will be automatically applied to all your characters on that server.

2. What does roster quest Mean, Lost Ark?
The roster quest explains the quests related to the character progression. They are available on all Lost Ark servers and help you upgrade your roster levels. This quest can be anything from finding hidden gems to tracking new locations in Lost Ark.

3. What is roster wide in Lost Ark?
Roster-wide is the perks and features that will be shared by all the characters bound on a roster server. The Roster Wide benefits all available characters on a roster as per the current standings of the server on roster levels. Life skills, currencies, rapports, adventurer’s tome, ships, and emotes are some of the many systems that are roster-wide.

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