What Server Is Asmongold Playing Lost Ark?

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Asmongold is a Twitch streamer who recently made a comeback to Twitch after four months. In his latest stream, Asmongold was seen playing the acclaimed ARPG Lost Ark on Korean servers.

In the past few months, many streamers left the scene after some controversies regarding pay-to-win mechanics started rising in games like MMORPG Lost Ark. After the controversial remarks, many people have started wondering what server is among old playing lost ark.

However, Asmongold made his comeback on Twitch by playing Lost Ark on the Korean MMORPG server for eight hours straight. During his gameplay, he was seen talking about the harsh pay-to-win mechanics of the game and was determined to see some changes made by its developers.

As a result, his stream garnered a record high 285 thousand views and set some new records in the highest concurrent views segment. 


Ever since the controversies related to the popular MMORPG Lost Ark server and their pay-to-win mechanics have begun, many players have shifted to other options. One of the well-established Twitch streamers, Asmongold, recently came out against these pay-to-win mechanics in one of his streams. After making these remarks, he also requested the developers to work on bringing some changes to the rules. 

After all the harsh criticism, Asmongold has decided to return to Twitch and make a comeback by streaming the Action Role-playing game Lost Ark. According to the streamer, he is determined to stream the game until he gets the changes that he wants to see.

Along with streaming for eight hours straight, Asmongold was also seen commenting about how ruthless these pay-to-win mechanics are and why this hurts the game’s overall development.

Asmongold started his stream by saying that the developers have been bad at making necessary changes which are important in keeping their players’ interest high. He also pointed out how people have started leaving the game in the wake of these pay-to-win mechanics, and developers might lose interest in it in the long run if they don’t take any proactive measures.

The botting strategy uses farming resources to level up player skills in various MMOs. Many streamers, including Asmongold, have claimed that bots running Lost Ark. This bot wave prevents real players from engaging and ultimately kills the whole fun of being in Lost Ark World. He also used some steam charts of his gameplay to show that most of the active players in Lost Ark are bots.

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What Server Is Asmongold Playing Lost Ark?

When Asmongold returned to Twitch streaming after four months, he played ARPG Lost Ark for four hours straight. Then, he raised the botting strategy in his stream and asked viewers and players whether they were facing bots on Lost Ark or not.

This was a great work of art for him, and he grabbed nearly 285,000 views on his stream and, overall, 4 million views on his VOD video. 

Those who wonder what lost ark server is old on may find it surprising that he spends four hours on average streaming Lost Ark and says that he needed to keep playing to divert his mind from the recent demise of his mother.

After the stream, Asmongold opened a forum where he kept on updating the viewers, players, and developers about the changes that he wanted to see in Lost Ark. 

The game has been a great ride for many players, but they also faced some big setbacks due to the slow server and poor performances. However, streamers like Asmongold have managed to shine even after these setbacks and poor performance backgrounds of the game.

However, Asmongold didn’t stop there and asked the Lost Ark developers to work on making some changes to their game. His strong fan base and view count deeply influenced the developers of Lost Ark. 

Companies and developers that thrive for excellence are always up for a change and pay close attention to the suggestive remarks of popular players like Asmongold.

However, his hard work in hours of streaming and initiatives for the betterment of the game has made him the show’s star. Such streamers are paid credit for popularizing the game and increasing the sale number with their huge fan base.


What Server Is Asmongold Playing Lost Ark?

Before Lost Ark was launched, Asmongold played and streamed games like World of Warcraft MMO and Tower of Fantasy. He then shifted his attention toward games like Lost Ark. He had a huge fan base and made a lot of money from these games.

Lost Ark has grown to become the most popular action-based ARPG game among streamers, and it still has much potential to develop. 

This game has some interesting features that attract players that love to strike a balance between combat and survival. Despite all the controversies, Asmongold still made his utmost effort to improve this game.

Asmongold used his popularity from these games as an incentive for working with developers to bring changes in their games that he thinks will prove beneficial to players.

As a result, he is considered the first streamer with some genuine popularity in the MMO world, and now, the average views on his stream range between 200 to 270 thousand. 

As Lost MMO is released in Europe and North America, Asmongold has made his comeback to streaming Lost Ark on Twitch. The pay-to-win requirements of Lost Ark were the reason why he stopped playing this game in the first place.

However, this time, he decided to take action as he demanded the developers to provide a detailed map in the next ten days, or else he’ll illustrate this pay-to-win situation in detail. In reply to his statement, the developers banned him from the server, and the server was closed temporarily for ten days. 

Now, the developers have planned to further enhance the reach of Lost Ark by introducing a new server in NA East and EU Central. Asmongold is a smart player and used evidence from his stream charts to show how bots have taken over the Lost Ark game.

Despite all this buzz, Lost Ark still makes great impressions globally and has millions of active players across several servers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which server should I play on Lost Ark?
There are hundreds of servers of Lost Ark available all over the world, with a new arrival in line. Europe Central, North America West, and South American servers are best for uninterrupted gameplay on Lost Ark. These servers are not densely populated and offer low ping rates for a smooth gaming experience.

2. What world does Asmongold play?
Lost Ark is open world game where you can explore and fight with players, monsters, and beasts across the four available zones. Asmongold plays on the NA East server Olympus and streams his gameplay on his primary Twitch account.

3. Can you transfer Lost Ark characters to another server?
No, there is no provision on Lost Ark to transfer characters from one server to another. Each server is unique, and its characters and missions are limited to that server only. If you are creating a new character in any server, then it will be locked permanently with that server, and you will not be able to transfer it. 

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