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What You Should Know About D&D Characters

What You Should Know About D&D Characters

As with any game, d & d is full of non-stop action, adventure, thrill and excitement. There are lots of different aspects within the game, lots of stories and of course lots of people (characters) With this too comes lots of character classes in Dungeons and Dragons, some that you may know and others that you may not be aware of. There are 12 classes of characters including druid and ranger, to name but two.

You may not think the class is important, but it actually tells you a lot about the characters. Think about how class works in society. Of course with d & d you can choose to be a character that resembles you and your personality, or you could go completely different and choose a character that assembles what you want to be. You have so many options that you can literally be anyone you want to be. For example, you could be a sorcerer who conjures up magic. Or you could be an elf, or you could be a dwarf. Or as a last resort you could just choose to be a nice human. All the characters are so different, and there is not enough space to list them all here, so it is super important to decide what you want to be by reading all of the characters descriptions. Narrow down your choices and then think about if you fancy being a fighter or a monk!

What About the Dragon

As the dragons are based on the mythical character you can have a lot of fun deciding what you want to call your dragon. There are plenty of dragon names to choose and even ones which you can generate. At this point it is also worth noting that there are male and female dragons in the game, so it is important to choose a name that truly represents them inside and out.

In D & D there are two types of dragons: the metallic dragons, which are copper, gold, silver, brass and bronze. Then there are the chromatic dragons which are green, white, red, blue and black. The dragons are of course different and this is something you will have to consider. What dragon do you see yourself having? The chromatic dragons represent evil and are believers that all wealth belongs to them, whereas the metallic dragons are completely different, believing that they are the protectors and preservers. The two dragon types could not be more different. The traits that the dragons have are also very different and so you must choose a name that fits well with the traits that your dragon displays.

The dragon is such an important part of the game that it is only right you dedicate time to picking and naming the right one for you. Say the names you like out loud and see which one sticks.

What About the Race

In addition to choosing a character, and choosing a dragon you also have to choose a race. There are several including dwarf, gnome, human and elf. Of course each race has different characteristics and different aims, some are looking for trouble, some want to help others and some want to save the world. It is important to choose the race and class first, this way you get to pick a character and community that closely aligns with who you want to be in this fantasy world. Think about if you are playing with friends and family what race they would be.

What About the Game

The game of d & d is based on fantasy and structured make believe. The game means lots of different things to different people, and the best thing is that any age can enjoy playing D&D. As the game is structured it means that your character plays within a structured story. The structured stories also include the rolling of the dice which determine if the players can move forward such as by climbing a cliff, or roll away from any danger. The dice’s role within the game helps to make actions more probable.

As with anything there is lots to learn and understand within D&D such as going up the levels and adding new players. It would be ideal if you read a players guide so that you fully understand the game and all of its quirks, before you start playing. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to play a game if you don’t understand how it works or even the rules.

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