What's different between China PCB and China PCBA

What's different between China PCB and China PCBA
What's different between China PCB and China PCBA


There is so many difference between the China Printed Circuit Board and China Printed Circuit Board Assembly. These both are carried out in the Ray PCB manufacturing company. They are well known in the manufacturing and assembling process.

That is the main reason for their success in a short period of time. Let’s see the main difference between the PCB and PCBA. It is a step by step process after finishing the PCB process they can enter into the PCBA process. It means, first of all, they are starting the PCB manufacturing process and then they are continue the Assemble process.

What's different between China PCB and China PCBA
What’s different between China PCB and China PCBA

This company provides the best quality of circuits with the lowest cost and the quality of the product is more efficient. PCA and PCBA both are carried out in the same place. Then only they can prove the quality of the circuit boards and its efficiency.

So this manufacturing company provides both the process to prove the quality of their product and still now they are inventing the new circuit designing techniques. These circuit designing techniques are carried out by the circuit designing experts. They make the design flexible with long-lasting quality. That is the reason for their success.

China PCB

Printed circuit boards are commonly used for Electronic devices, for example, mobile phones, central processing unit, etc. Ray PCB manufacture the different types of circuit boards for many companies. Before starting the process they just made a plane for how to execute the process and this process was carried out by the circuit designing experts and they will never follow the poor and simple designing process. They are specially trained to make the best ever design for all the electronic devices. After finishing the designing process, the design will move to the manufacturing section.

They are using highly sensitive and costly types of equipment. They are using the different types of equipment for different circuit manufacturing process, for example, a single layer, double layer, multi-layer, Aluminum circuit, and X-ray circuit.

These are all the different types of circuits manufactured by the different types of equipment. After finishing the manufacturing process it will move to the quality testing process. there it was tested by the quality experts they make the multitasking testing for every circuit. Then it was approved for the delivering or PCBA process.  

China PCBA

Ray PCB company not only doing the manufacturing process only, but it also doing the Printed Circuit Board Assemble process. Let’s see detailed about the Assembling process. After finishing the manufacturing process, the PCB will move to the Assemble process.

They are Assembling circuit board to the disserved electronic device and make the several testing on it. including the processing testing also. This method is followed for all the Electronic devices for testing the processing speed of the circuit and its capacity. Then it reaches the last stage of overall testing in this process the testing expert group make the product into multi-testing.

Then finally it will deliver to the customer. These are all the step by step process carried out by this company in the Assembling process. Each and every step in PCB and PCBA process are carried out by the experts. If there is any defect is found in any circuit it will directly go to the unqualified section. This is strictly followed by this company for providing the best quality product to the customer. You can surely trust this manufacturing company they have well-known experts for the design, manufacture and testing process. That is the reason for being the most wanted circuit manufacturing company in China.        


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