Know When Does Naruto Become Chunin In The Series?

When Did Naruto Become Chunin? Did Naruto Ever Become Jonin

He failed to become a Chunin or Jonin by rank. He even failed to become a Chunin even after trying twice for the test.

Although after the interruption of his training with Toad Sage Jiraiya, he couldn’t find the time to appear for the test again.

Naruto became one of the strongest Shinobi to exist at the end of the series and he was also presented as the reincarnation of the Sage of Six Path’s son Asura, which also provided him with the status of demi-god.

Therefore, he never really cared any longer about becoming a Chunin!

Let us tell you more about whether or not Naruto becomes a chunin or jonin in the series.

When Did Naruto Become Chunin? Did Naruto Ever Become Jonin?

Naruto never became a Chunin, even though tried to give the exam twice.

In his first exam, he was able to pass the first and second stages pretty easily. He even beat Kiba Inuzuka and beat Neji in the final match.

Despite winning every battle in the exam, Naruto was not able to achieve the Chunin rank.

The takeaway was that Ninjas must display impressive skills and strategies and must have the qualities of a good leader to earn the Chunin rank. Simply winning matches will not fetch the Chunin rank.

Shikamaru was the only ninja in the group who showed all the qualities that the examiners wanted. And despite forfeiting his battle with Temari, he was able to get the Chunin title. He was able to get it because he displayed wonderful tactics and leadership skills.

Although the final matches were canceled because of the attack on Konoha village.

Naruto tried to take the exam a second time during a filler episode called Chunin Exam on Fire! Naruto vs Konohamaru.

Konohamaru was Naruto’s childhood rival, who swore to become a Hokage by beating him.

Even though Naruto was proven to be the stronger candidate, he made the mistake of breaking a rule. He used a banned ninja move in the match.

Although the examiners explained the rules before the fight, he was not able to hear them because he was bickering with Konohamaru.

As a result, Konohamaru won the fight by default and Naruto stood out to be his subordinate in the military rank.

When Does Naruto Take The Chunin Exams?

Naruto was able to take his first Chunin exams in his hometown in Konoha. This was soon after the Land of the Waves story arc.

However, the exam got canceled as a result of the planned attack on Konoha by Orochimaru and the Sunagakure Ninjas. The attack led to the death of the Third and Fourth Hokage.

Naruto made another attempt to pass the Chunin exams that happened sometime between Naruto Anime Series Part I and Part II. This exam took place outside the length of the series.

In fact, it happened as an original video animation or as a short film. This animated film covered the second phase and the first match of Naruto’s second Chunin exams.

Know When Does Naruto Become Chunin In The Series?

Why Naruto Never Becomes A Chunin?

Naruto was more involved in his journey of becoming the Hokage, as a result, he just took the Chunin exam twice in his life.

Due to the attack on Konoha village, it was left without a Hokage leader. Naruto with the help of the remaining Konoha ninjas felt it important to find a perfect candidate to become the Fifth Hokage who will be able to restore peace and order in the village.

Years later there occurs another destructive attack against Konoha. Akatsuki and their leader Nagato wanted to capture the Nine-Tailed Fox residing in Naruto’s body.

However, the village was able to defeat them because of Naruto, but it needed to be rebuilt again.

Akatsuki’s constant threat and their mission to cause havoc forced all 5 of the ninja villages to build a strong alliance, which was called Allied Shinobi Forces. The Fourth Shinobi World War took place and lasted for two days.

The alliance was able to seal all of the Ten-tails by bringing peace and order again to the ninja world. Naruto faced multiple battles after taking his first Chunin exam. Even though he was not able to achieve the rank of Chunin but he did master several S-rank Jutsus.

This helped him to win the war along with his allies and friends. His magnanimous power is a result of the power flowing from the Nine-Tailed fox that exists inside his body.

Multiple world events took place one after the other after his first Chunin exam. All the village ninjas around the world now moved ahead on missions to fight rogue factions in order to restore peace and order in the ninja world.

As a result, appearing and passing the Chunin exam moved to be the second priority for Naruto, and saving the Ninja world was first.

When Does Naruto Become A Jonin?

Well to your disappointment Naruto was never able to become a Jonin in rank.

However, during Kakashi’s reign as the Sixth Hokage during the Post War era, who was also Naruto’s former Squad leader used his position to grant Naruto the Jonin rank of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Naruto had to study in order to completely gain the title. In the later episodes of Part II, Naruto attempts to become a Jonin for two years.

Know When Does Naruto Become Chunin In The Series?

Why Naruto Never Become A Jonin?

Naruto was never able to become a Jonin primarily because he is pathetic when it comes to studying. He was always struggling to pass his exams.

So despite becoming a righteous warrior and even a Hokage, he remains a Genin by his rank. His kindness, friendship, and leadership all make him deserving to become the Jonin, unfortunately, that never happens.


1. What episode does Naruto take the chunin?

Naruto appears for the first Chunin exam in episode 395 of Naruto: Shippuden, which was titled “The Chunin Exam Begin!”.

And he takes the Chunin exam a second time in the filler episode called “ The Chunin Exam on Fire!: Naruto vs Konohamaru. He failed the second exam due to breaking a rule of the exam.

  1. Does Naruto ever become a chunin or jonin?

Unfortunately, Naruto never became a Chunin or Jonin in military rank. Even though he took the Chunin exam twice, due to unfortunate circumstances he was never able to win the title of Chunin.

Since he could never become a Chunin, he also failed to become a Jonin.

3. When did Naruto become a Jonin?

Naruto never became a Jonin. It is mandatory to be a Chunin first to reach the level of Jonin. Naruto appeared for the Chunin exam twice and failed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Therefore, he could not achieve the title of Jonin in military rank.

4. Is Naruto still a Genin?

It is indeed true that despite his lofty position and fame, naruto remains to be a Genin. Although he has become a Hokage now he was not able to achieve the rank of Chunin or Jonin.

However, this in no way makes him a less worthy warrior.

To Wrap Up

We hope we have been able to answer your question about when naruto becomes chunin in the series. Unfortunately or favorite character could not achieve the title of Chunin or Jonin, nothing could stop him from becoming a great warrior.

Keep watching Naruto and follow us for more such content.

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