13 Times Naruto Proved He Was Stronger Than Sasuke

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Do you want to know who is stronger – Naruto or Sasuke? Then let me tell you that no one can mark one of them as stronger than the other. There are many people who will say Naruto is stronger. But there are people too who will vote for Sasuke. 

More than millions of people love to watch anime and manga in the world, and among them, there is hardly any person who does not love to watch Naruto. Naruto is one of the best anime shows, if not the best, in the world of anime. In this show, the central character is Naruto who roams around the Land of the Shinobi while fighting many battles.

In this show only, Sasuke is another strong character. Though the central character of this show is Naruto, Sasuke is shown as the best fighter of all in the storyline. But Naruto is the character whom the makers established as the superior fighter. In the story, Naruto and Sasuke clashed 5 times. Sasuke won 2 times, and 2 times the result was unclear.

But in the last fight, Naruto emerged victorious. And this has arisen the question of who is stronger – Naruto or Sasuke once more, and this with a higher impact. This is why I am writing this article only to clarify the answer to this question so that you can have a clearer idea about Naruto and Sasuke and understand their ability and power.

If you understand these two characters, then you only will be able to decide who is stronger than them.

So, let’s start!

Who Is Stronger Naruto Or Sasuke? 

Before discussing the details on this topic, do you know all the characters of Naruto? Let us take a look at all the characters along with their ranks and the reasons behind their strength.

RankCharacter NameReason for Strength
1Naruto UzumakiThe full power of Nine-Tailed Fox
2Kakashi HatakeSkilled ninja with Sharingan
3Itachi UchihaSharingan, powerful ninjutsu and genjutsu
4Minato NamikazeIncredible speed and Flying Thunder God Technique
5Obito UchihaSharingan and access to Ten-Tails power
6Madara UchihaSharingan and access to Ten-Tails power
7Kaguya ŌtsutsukiAncient being with immense power and reality manipulation
8JiraiyaPowerful ninjutsu and Toad Sage Technique
9Hiruzen SarutobiSage Mode and Enma Sword
10Hashirama SenjuWood Release and control of Ten-Tails
11Tobirama SenjuWater Release and Flying Thunder God Technique
12OrochimaruPowerful ninjutsu and Snake Sage Technique
13Kabuto YakushiPowerful ninjutsu and Edo Tensei
14GaaraPowerful defense and sand manipulation
15Killer BTaijutsu and control of Eight-Tails power

If you follow the storyline from the beginning, you will see that Naruto once was a very weak ninja and incompetent as well. He knew nothing but a few pointless and sexy techniques. But as time passed on, Naruto learned many advanced techniques which made him the strongest shinobi in history.

According to the story, Naruto will start to fit into his wide stores of very strong chakra.

Naruto has already improved his abilities, but he often used half of Kurama to achieve these changes.

But if you talk about Sasuke, he was always believed to be stronger than Naruto, though there is no solid evidence supporting this belief. But Sasuke has mastered some great skills and techniques that made him a very brilliant and strong shinobi.

Sasuke also has a potent chakra, but his chakra is mainly made of negative energy. And as Sasuke has only one Rinnegan, Naruto easily outclasses him in this.

Naruto And Sasuke Previous Battles

Who Is Stronger Naruto Or Sasuke

As I said before. Naruto and Sasuke fought 5 battles till now. The first battle between them took place in the 107th episode of Naruto. The episode was titled The Battle Begins: Naruto vs Sasuke. Sasuke challenged Naruto in a battle, and Naruto accepted the challenge. And after some time during the fight, Sasuke develops his Rasengan and Naruto develops his Chidori.

But the result of the battle was not decided as Kakashi stepped in and stopped the battle. But before this incident, Naruto’s Rasengan seemed more effective than the Chidori of Sasuke. This made people think that Naruto is stronger than Sasuke.

In the 128th episode of Naruto, titled A Cry on Deaf Ears, these two characters battled again, where Naruto relentlessly struck Sasuke multiple times but Sasuke did not get a single injury. Sasuke wanted to kill Naruto in order to become the strongest one, but could not stop Naruto. So Sasuke trained to level 2 of Cursed Seal, but this took a great personal cost.

The 3rd battle took place in the 215th episode of Naruto Shippuden titled Two Fates. Here they got involved in a small brawl. Later in this episode, Sasuke departs after a conversation.

The 4th battle took place in episode no 257 of Naruto Shippuden. Here we saw Naruto and Sasuke’s early days of rivalry in the Academy. Naruto failed to defeat Sasuke even back then as he was too clumsy and reckless.

The 476th episode of Naruto Shippuden, titled The Final Battle, was the final episode of the series where the historical rivalry between Sasuke and Naruto finally got the result by the defeat of Sasuke. This established Naruto as the superior fighter.

Naruto & Sasuke’s Power & Abilities

Here is the chart of Naruto and Sasuke’s abilities and power –

Transformation JutsuFire Style Phoenix Flower Jutsu
Summoning JutsuLions Barrage
Shadow clone JutsuHidden Shadow Snake Hands
RasenganBinding Snake Glare Spell
Rasengan: Wind ReleaseSummoning Manda
Mini RasenshurikenSummoning Gaduda
Planetary RasenganChidori
Super Mini-tailed Beast ballMangekyo
Sage ModeAmaterasu
RasenshurikenSix paths of Yin Power
Kurama Chakra ModeSusanoo
Tailed Beast BallKirin
Bijuu ModeSpace-Time Dojutsu
Tailed Beast Ball RasenshurikenRinnegan
Six Paths Sage ModeIndra’s Arrow

13 Times Naruto Proved He Was Stronger Than Sasuke

Here I shall give you 13 incidents that will prove Naruto was stronger than Sasuke.

When Naruto Went Berserk

The Tailed Beast gave Naruto enormous strength. When Naruto awakened all 4 tails, he could easily have given Sasuke a run for the money. Naruto was way more powerful than Orochimaru too.

When He Combined Sage Mode And Kurama Chakra Mode

Naruto was able to unlock Kurama Chakra Mode. It would have not been easy for Sasuke to control 5 Tailed Beasts.

When He Got Hashimara’s Prosthetic Arm

Naruto got more strength and chakra and Sasuke lost the power of Tailed Beasts after the 4th Great Ninja War. A prosthetic arm for Naruto was made using Hashimara’s cells, which was a great increase in Naruto’s chakra.

Naruto vs Haku

When Sasuke and Naruto went head-to-head with Haku, Sasuke utilized his own body to protect Naruto from Haku’s attack and failed. Then Naruto overpowered Haku by releasing the full strength of the Nine-Tails.

Naruto vs Gaara

While Sasuke was vanquished by Gaara in a battle, Naruto prevailed against a battle with Gaara.

When He Learned The Rasengan

During the battle that took place on the rooftop, we saw Naruto’s Jutsu created more damage than the Jutsu of Sasuke.

Naruto vs Pain

Naruto learned how to master Sage Mode and defeated Pain at Konoha Academy.

Naruto vs Reanimated Kage

Naruto covered the whole battlefield with the help of his shadow clones and engaged himself in a battle against Kage, who was resurrected. He vanquished the 2nd Tsuchikage and the 3rd Raikage, Mu. He used the Wood Release technique and stopped Madara’s assault in order to save everyone in the Shinobi Alliance. 

Naruto Fought Longer In The Fourth Great Ninja war

Naruto saved many civilians from the attack of Akatsuki. Sasuke did the same, but he did it much later. Naruto fought a fight that lasted for quite a few days. It required more energy than Sasuke had.

Naruto Shared Chakra With Everyone

Naruto was able to share chakra with other shinobi. That helped others to become stronger.

 Naruto Defeated Sasuke With Only Half Of His Power

In the final battle between Sasuke and Naruto, Sasuke had the entire power of Nine-Tailed Beasts and the Rinnegan, while Naruto had only half of Kurama. But still, Naruto defeated Sasuke.

Naruto Fought Momoshiki Without Full Power

Naruto, who was just recovered from a very powerful attack, fought against Momoshiki better than Sasuke.

When Naruto Used The Baryon Mode

Naruto defeated Isshiki using the Bayron Mode which was the most powerful and destructive mode of Naruto’s mode of operations. And as Naruto defeated Isshiki, surely he was better than Sasuke.


Q1. Is Naruto stronger than Sasuke?
Ans. In the final battle between Sasuke and Naruto, Naruto defeated Sasuke. So we can say that Naruto is stronger than Sasuke.

Q2. Can Sasuke defeat Naruto?
Ans. We have seen that in the final episode of the series, Naruto defeated Sasuke. But there were other episodes too where we saw Sasuke was better than Naruto. So Sasuke may defeat Naruto too on his best days.

Q3. Who is more powerful than Naruto?
Ans. People thought Sasuke was more powerful than Naruto, but in the last episode of the series, Naruto defeated Sasuke and proved that he is a superior fighter.

Q4. Why Sasuke is stronger than Naruto?
Ans. Sasuke had the entire power of the Nine-Tailed Beasts and the Rinnegan. So we might think that Sasuke was stronger than Naruto at that point in time.


So as the article has come to the end, I hope you have understood who is stronger between Sasuke and Naruto. All the best, and keep watching good anime!

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