Why do Brands Prefer Instagram Over Other Social Media Platforms?


    It might sound too obvious and monotonous – but social media is, indeed, the best marketing platform any marketer can dream of. It has already amassed around 3.78 billion users worldwide and is expected to grow over 4.5 billion within 2025.

    But, how will it be ideal for your marketing campaign?

    Well, it’s pretty conspicuous, though. As social media has a huge fan following, you can target a specific audience and connect with them efficiently. Besides, it’ll also be easier for you to promote your products, drive your website’s traffic, and much more.

    However, there are various social media platforms available out there.

    So, amongst them, which one should you really go for?

    Well, if you’re anything like us, you’d love to opt for Instagram. Let us tell you why!

    Why Should You Choose Instagram Over Anything Else? 

    Social media marketing, in essence, is all about engaging your audience and turning them into your consumers efficiently. In all honesty, this is something you can do effectively on Instagram only – primarily due to its visual impact.

    However, that’s not the only reason that prompts people to focus on this platform or spend their money to buy instagram views cheap. There’s a lot more to it. Please keep reading to find out what we are talking about.

    Reason – 1: Attending To The Smartphone Users 

    Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other major social platforms have already started catering to mobile users.

    Why’s that, though?

    Well, that’s because more than 54.8% of the overall web traffic comes through smartphones. Besides, another report suggests that users worldwide generally spend more than four hours regularly using social media platforms.

    Now, let us tell you something else.

    Instagram, since the beginning, has always invited more people due to its visual impact and the smartphone-centric UI. Its engagement rating is pretty high as well (almost 84%). Thus, if you want to capture the smartphone market, opting for Instagram does make sense.

    Reason – 2: Excellent Reach 

    Unlike any other platform, Instagram is pretty innovative as well. Since its inception, it’s been rolling out new updates and features consistently. Hence, if you can take advantage of them, you’ll be able to increase your brand reach pretty quickly.

    But why should you choose Instagram when YouTube and Facebook have a higher number of active users? Let’s see.

    • Instagram’s ad marketing innuendo is pretty organic and consistent. The overall visual prominence helps quite a lot in this aspect.
    • The number of advertisers is also low (as of now) on Instagram when compared to Facebook. Therefore, the competition will be less for you.
    • Finally, influencer marketing is more effective on Instagram than any other similar social media platform.

    Reason – 3: Microblogging 

    Due to the unparalleled engagement rating and interactiveness, microblogging has become pretty crucial in today’s world of marketing. Thanks to Instagram’s eloquent visual and quick-sharing capability, you can make the most of this strategy efficiently.

    For example, you can try using Instagram reels to offer some insights on your products or create a fun guide on something else. You may also use your story or highlights to promote or let people know about your new launch.

    Reason – 4: Social Interactiveness 

    As mentioned before, the overall engagement rating of Instagram is pretty high. Therefore, if you’re capable enough, you can quickly start a conversation with people in the comments.

    Once you get to know them better, you may try texting them personally to offer more insights regarding your brand and business.

    Reason – 5: Better Market Penetration 

    Most people, who tend to buy online, are pretty impulsive. Hence, if you can create and curate a visually-impactful marketing ad, you’ll be more likely to sell your product.

    Besides, the essence of adding a video or a reel can also increase your chances of generating revenue even more.

    Final Thoughts 

    When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram, in essence, is the best option available out there. Nonetheless, no matter what you’re doing, you will need to be efficient and productive. Otherwise, it will be impossible for you to create the impact you’re trying to make and sell your products invariably.


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