Why does a company need social media comments?


    We hear celebrities say that they don’t read comments and just post the things they like to post. It is true and also false to some extent. Yes, they don’t read the comments because the negativity affects them. However, it’s their dedicated team that filters through the comments section and sees how the person is doing around social media. 

    Everyone wants to be a viral sensation on social media, including the top brands. The whole point in being a part of a social media platform is to engage with the public and get them to talk about you. When it comes to public relations, any publicity is good publicity! Did you know, 96% of the internet that speaks about a specific brand or person doesn’t necessarily follow them!

    Here are the top 4 reasons to concentrate on the comments,

    Set up a contact

    The whole point in creating a social media account and posting content is to establish contacts with the different audiences from the lot. It gives a chance for the public as well to interact and speak to the brand regarding its interests as well as concerns.

    When the brand reads the comments and responds to them religiously is a proven way to improve customer engagement and loyalty. The customer feels heard & appreciated and thus would recommend the brand to friends and family.

    Know the customer

    Social media is limitless. The amount of opinion a brand or person receives – good or bad – is immense. Posting content and questionnaires creates a great way to understand the customer and their needs. 

    When you read the customers comments, you will also know what they like and don’t like about a particular product. Keep a close tab on the hashtags related to your brand too. People might not follow you but talking using the product’s hashtags.

    Redirect them to other channels

    When TikTok was banned in India, most of the brands and influencers lost their large viewer base. So they redirected them to other channels of media like Instagram, Facebook etc. Most of the audience did oblige by the request and followed them on other socials. 

    This is the power of what an influencer can do on the internet. If you have a stronger follower base on one platform, encourage the other platform’s audience to join. You can also consider email marketing as one of the best options to communicate with the customer. To access their email addresses, the website’s like GetEmail.io acts as a boon. It answers the question about how to find email addresses.

    Feedback collection and analysis

    These days every social media has a poll and questionnaire that gives you aggregates about the number of people who participated and their details. While positive feedback does give you enough boost and appreciation, keep an eye on negative feedback too.

    95% of unsatisfied customers change their opinion of the business when their grievances are solved immediately. Keeping a tab on negative comments lets you know the complaints that customers are unable to report otherwise.


    Being a part of the social media storm is just the half battle won. The business needs to create engaging content and also resolve customers’ concerns to ensure the brand lasts for the long run.


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