Why Does Itachi Have His Arm Out?- Answers For Naruto Lovers

Itachi, a notable Naruto anime and manga character, is frequently seen with his arm extended. This is due to the fact that he frequently performs his signature move, the Susanoo, while making the hand gesture known as the “seal of conflict” or “Totsuka-no-Tsurugi”.

The Susanoo is a potent technique that surrounds the user with a huge humanoid avatar, giving them unimaginable strength and defence. Itachi must perform a series of hand gestures, with the “seal of combat” being the last one, in order to summon this jutsu. He frequently holds his arm out as if making a seal or casting a spell because of this.

Itachi’s position with his arms extended also serves as a representation of his cool and collected temperament. He is renowned for his ability to plan strategically and maintain composure under pressure, and his assured posture reflects this.

Another fan theory suggests that Itachi keeps his arm out intentionally to get the upper hand in battle. Also, it is a ritual during their fights against enemies. This style indicates the immense willpower of Itachi. 

Itachi is one of the incredible characters in the story of Naruto. He reflects intellect and bravery in the entire Uchiha clan. He completed his Ninja training at the age of eight and joined the assimilation team at the age of 13. 

Reason for Itachi’s Left Arm OutDescription
Jutsu PreparationHe wanted to use a particular Jutsu technic.
Sharingan ActivationHe wanted to activate the Sharingan Eye technic. 
Signature PoseItachi kept his arm out to make a unique pose. 
SymbolismIt indicates his willpower, skills, and determination. 

Why Does Itachi Have His Arm Out Of The Cloak?

why does Itachi have his arm out

The left arm of Itachi Uchiha has created immense hype since its episodes are out. So, if I have to talk about his left arm, it would be much better to say that nothing happens to the left arm of Itachi Uchiha.  

It can also be possible that Itachi always keeps his left arm outside the cloak to pay homage and honor to the old tradition of Japan. It is also a style statement of Itachi Uchiha’s character. However, there is also a theory that says the left arm of Itachi is always out of his cloak because he wants to converse the body heat to defeat enemies in dangerous conditions. 

Itachi Uchiha is one of the most dangerous ninjas in the entire Uchiha clan. What makes him more distinctive than others is his left arm that he always keeps out of his cloak. This is the reason why he is appointed to kill each family member of his clan by the Hidden Leaf Village. 

In his later life, Itachi Uchiha joined Akatsuki and began to spy on behalf of the Hidden Leaf Village. Though he killed all his family members, he did not kill his younger brother, Sasuke.

So, you can see that you cannot ignore the look and appearance of one of the finest and most talented Ninjas in the Uchiha clan. 

Why Does Sasuke Hate His Elder Brother?

As the story begins, we can see that Itachi Uchiha seems a shadowy villain in the organization, Akatsuki. After that, we can see the evolution of his character throughout the story. 

In Naruto, Sasuke hates his elder brother because Itachi himself wants him to do so. Itachi forcefully makes Sasuke hate him throughout his entire life. This way, he wants Sasuke to be on the path of revenge. 

As the story of Naruto follows, one night, everyone in the Uchiha clan was killed by Itachi and Obito. But, both chose to spare the life of Itachi’s younger brother, Sasuke. Also, he told Sasuke to grow immense hatred for him. 

This makes Sasuke think that Itachi is a villain and cold-blooded killer. Therefore, Sasuke’s one and only aim in life is to get stronger than ever and kill Itachi. It was Itachi who never told his brother the truth behind the mass killing until his last breath.

Was Itachi A Hero Or A Villain?

why does Itachi have his arm out

 Well, all the actions of Itachi Uchiha apparently make him a cold-blooded killer, and obviously a villain in the story of Naruto. He murdered the entire Uchiha clan including his parents. Also, he never explained the reason behind his terrible actions until his final breath. 

However, Obito, after the death of Itachi revealed his past to everyone. This makes the life of Itachi Uchiha quite tragic. Therefore, you can say that Itachi Uchiha was a villain who becomes a tragic hero in the end. 

Final Thoughts

As a true Naruto fan, one cannot ignore the character of Itachi Uchiha. Both his actions and his lifestyle were significantly different from others in the entire story. So, now you know all the theories about his left arm and why it is always out of his cloak. If you have another theory on this, you can explain it to others as well. 

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