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With his arm extended, Itachi Uchiha from “Naruto” employs the potent “Susanoo” maneuver. His Mangeky Sharingan, which was reawakened as a result of painful events, is the source of this power. When Susanoo activates, it takes the form of a massive, warrior-like figure, and the outstretched arm is essential to its activation. Itachi calls and commands the enormous monster, constructing its armor, by channeling chakra.

The job also represents his willingness to take on difficulties and stand up for others, which is a reflection of his protective personality. Itachi’s Susanoo is also influenced by his or her emotions and personality, making him or her a guardian or protector who carries the responsibilities of others and wants to protect those he loves.

In conclusion, Itachi extends his arm to activate and control the powerful Susanoo, displaying his resolve and instinct for defense.

Itachi is one of the incredible characters in the story of Naruto. He reflects intellect and bravery in the entire Uchiha clan. He completed his Ninja training at the age of eight and joined the assimilation team at the age of 13. 

Reason for Itachi’s Left Arm OutDescription
Jutsu PreparationHe wanted to use a particular Jutsu technic.
Sharingan ActivationHe wanted to activate the Sharingan Eye technic. 
Signature PoseItachi kept his arm out to make a unique pose. 
SymbolismIt indicates his willpower, skills, and determination. 

Is there a reason why Itachi has his arm out of the cloak?

When Itachi Uchiha does the Susanoo technique, a manifestation of his Mangeky Sharingan skills, his arm is exposed from the cloak. The enormous, warrior-like Susanoo serves as both an offensive and defense weapon.

To channel and control the enormous chakra needed for the technique, Susanoo must have his arm exposed while doing it. Itachi concentrates his concentration on creating and commanding the potent ethereal avatar by raising his arm.

His arm’s stance also represents his tenacity and readiness to take on any difficulties that may arise. It indicates his readiness to defend himself and others, as well as his steadfast dedication to sheltering his family and doing his obligations.

Itachi’s rendition of Susanoo, which changes according to the user’s emotions and personality, represents his desire to serve as a guardian and a barrier against danger.

Itachi shows his determination to defend and protect while also assuming his responsibility as a guardian for the people he cares about by pulling his arm out of the cloak to summon Susanoo.

Why Does Sasuke Hate His Elder Brother?

As the story begins, we can see that Itachi Uchiha seems a shadowy villain in the organization, Akatsuki. After that, we can see the evolution of his character throughout the story. 

In Naruto, Sasuke hates his elder brother because Itachi himself wants him to do so. Itachi forcefully makes Sasuke hate him throughout his entire life. This way, he wants Sasuke to be on the path of revenge. 

As the story of Naruto follows, one night, everyone in the Uchiha clan was killed by Itachi and Obito. But, both chose to spare the life of Itachi’s younger brother, Sasuke. Also, he told Sasuke to grow immense hatred for him. 

This makes Sasuke think that Itachi is a villain and cold-blooded killer. Therefore, Sasuke’s one and only aim in life is to get stronger than ever and kill Itachi. It was Itachi who never told his brother the truth behind the mass killing until his last breath.

Was Itachi A Hero Or A Villain?

why does Itachi have his arm out

Well, all the actions of Itachi Uchiha apparently make him a cold-blooded killer, and obviously a villain in the story of Naruto. He murdered the entire Uchiha clan including his parents. Also, he never explained the reason behind his terrible actions until his final breath. 

However, Obito, after the death of Itachi revealed his past to everyone. This makes the life of Itachi Uchiha quite tragic. Therefore, you can say that Itachi Uchiha was a villain who becomes a tragic hero in the end. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can jiraiya beat Itachi?

It is unlikely that Jiraiya can beat Itachi. Itachi possesses formidable Mangekyō Sharingan abilities, such as Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, along with the immensely powerful Susanoo. Jiraiya is a skilled ninja, but Itachi’s versatile and deadly techniques would likely prove too much for him to overcome in a direct confrontation.

Why did Itachi cross out his headband?

Itachi Uchiha crossed out his headband symbol as a symbol of his disaffiliation with the village of Konoha and the Uchiha clan. After the tragic events of the Uchiha clan massacre, orchestrated by Itachi himself to prevent a coup, he became a rogue ninja to protect his younger brother, Sasuke, and the village from further turmoil.

By crossing out the headband, Itachi conveyed the renunciation of his identity as a Konoha shinobi. This act represented his isolation from the village and his intention to shoulder the burden of being labeled a traitor to protect his loved ones. It also signified his acceptance of a darker path in the name of peace and his willingness to bear the hatred and stigma associated with his actions, all to ensure the survival of his brother and his village.

Why did Itachi smiled when he died?

Itachi smiled when he died because he found peace in fulfilling his mission. He had been burdened with the responsibility of protecting Konoha by secretly infiltrating the Akatsuki and ensuring Sasuke’s growth.

His death at the hands of Sasuke released him from his painful existence and allowed him to atone for his past actions. Itachi died with the belief that his sacrifice would lead to a better future for his brother and the village, bringing him a sense of closure and relief.

Final Thoughts

As a true Naruto fan, one cannot ignore the character of Itachi Uchiha. Both his actions and his lifestyle were significantly different from others in the entire story. So, now you know all the theories about his left arm and why it is always out of his cloak. If you have another theory on this, you can explain it to others as well. 

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